The Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time

11 nov. 2020
62 159 Weergaven

The question everyone's been asking finally has an answer.
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • 🤣🤣 mma causals be like the bald guy is fighting not devison figureado small guy 😄

    Ronish ShresthaRonish Shrestha2 uur geleden
  • if no khabib in this video. i will unsubcribe

    Zawil MunarZawil Munar4 dagen geleden
  • Is Mype sports "bitches" at the beginning? Or is it "pictures"

    L'Quik ShrtzL'Quik Shrtz5 dagen geleden
  • can anybody tell me what the hell that introduce song name is ? I mean the one in the city

    Muhammed AliMuhammed Ali9 dagen geleden
  • He’s the reason Izzy raw dogged acosta

    Dus HerDus Her10 dagen geleden
  • Artem Lobov hands down! 😂

    Cody TidwellCody Tidwell12 dagen geleden
  • we know he doesn't say what the fighters are saying, they use him because he can talk and hype up the fighters without them needing to do it. imagine if connor Mc nugget spoke on your behalf and whatever he said was attributed to your hype, without the need to rack your brain to find quips and zings

    PoeticSonicPoeticSonic12 dagen geleden
  • This is MMA's equivalent of a rickroll

    jensenjensen12 dagen geleden
  • hi look like OWL that face everytime crack me :DDD

    Profesorius LithuaniaProfesorius Lithuania12 dagen geleden
  • I was hoping for Artem

    Captain_ Sassy69Captain_ Sassy6913 dagen geleden
  • Thought it was going to be Artem....):

    sunday KNIGHTsunday KNIGHT14 dagen geleden
  • Just fucking hilarious. Mype me PLEASE

    NBancroftDrumsNBancroftDrums14 dagen geleden
  • the G.O.A.T is Tyson Fury

    luqman marijanovluqman marijanov15 dagen geleden
  • He reminds me of a a Brazilian Bas Rutten

    Aaron MitchAaron Mitch16 dagen geleden
  • Thumbnail looked like Cain Velasquez

    paige longpaige long16 dagen geleden
  • if u dont follow mype sports you are a beta simp

    Mesut TaluMesut Talu17 dagen geleden
  • Wallid can sell Jiu Jitsu, to a Black Beltch.

    Brian MGBrian MG17 dagen geleden
  • Haha I remember his pride interviews. He was a nut

    DevDev17 dagen geleden
  • The silhouette in the thumbnail looks like Cain Velasquez

    Phil YoutuberPhil Youtuber17 dagen geleden
  • Davison like wtf wrong with this man, LMAOO

    SOSIKSON 666SOSIKSON 66618 dagen geleden
  • He reminds me of a Brazilian Bas Rutten

    William RathbunWilliam Rathbun18 dagen geleden
  • I disprove hundred percent

    Brian RamirezBrian Ramirez18 dagen geleden
  • The Shadow is Cain Velasquez?

    Vishal Kumar KaushikVishal Kumar Kaushik18 dagen geleden
  • Translator Goat

  • Mmadigest is the GOAT. Mype Sports is the Interim Champion.

    Luís FernandesLuís Fernandes18 dagen geleden
  • Who is he???

  • Ladies and gentlemen I will tell you who is the best fighter of all time.His strength and speed are something else,his technique is the best I've ever seen and his name is Bob Sapp

    LuxBroProLuxBroPro18 dagen geleden
  • That one clip looks like Figueriedo is the translator and The Gracie Exterminator is a fighter who got emotional and didn't want to use his translator so he started trying to prove his point in english ahahahahahahaahha

    LoyaltyOverEverytingLoyaltyOverEveryting19 dagen geleden
  • Charles crazy horse Bennet

    Just FelixJust Felix19 dagen geleden
  • Figueiredo's face like: "Bro . . . you sure you're interpreting what I said?" 😂🤦‍♂️ There you go Kids, that's why it's important to learn English ( or whatever language they speak on your work environment) so that your manager can't go full Dr Evil on your ass.

    jimmy31hendrixjimmy31hendrix19 dagen geleden
  • I'm the greatest. Zero winz

    Knife TeethKnife Teeth19 dagen geleden
  • I swear they put him there on porpuse

    Andres JimenezAndres Jimenez19 dagen geleden
  • who d fook is that guy? artem would ko him in a round.

    Aziz GumilangAziz Gumilang19 dagen geleden
  • He looks like a Brazilian mike Perry

    Texasbud1994Texasbud199419 dagen geleden
  • Is he legit looking for a title run after all these year ?

    The ClinchThe Clinch19 dagen geleden
  • He needs to be on tv more

    raul gonzalezraul gonzalez19 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes he reminds me of Mr. Gru, sometimes Figaro Pho

    CB 90CB 9019 dagen geleden
  • Did you have to cut the Costa part because of copyright?

    Deividy GomesDeividy Gomes19 dagen geleden
  • Everyone knows it's Artem Lobov

    Vadim TihonovVadim Tihonov19 dagen geleden
  • Who da fook is this guy

    Sean MacDougallSean MacDougall19 dagen geleden
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 100%

    BledstepelinBledstepelin19 dagen geleden
  • I genuinely dislike this man

    Toby DunnToby Dunn19 dagen geleden
  • Lol! I thought I recognised that skull from the thumbnail. What a rude fucking head on him

    BenjBenj19 dagen geleden
  • You mean chael sonnen

    Filthy HilthyFilthy Hilthy19 dagen geleden
  • I didn't know it could get more cringy. Cringe Goat Cejudo and bend the knee to the new Cringe Champ

    Ackley AdventuresAckley Adventures19 dagen geleden
  • He sounds like a deeper voiced Amanda Nunes

    JackJack19 dagen geleden
  • living vicariously through his fighters lol.

    mal palmal pal19 dagen geleden
  • Walid had Rickson running petrified but he got that Jean Jacques Machado work though

    Emma HEmma H20 dagen geleden
  • I think he speaking from “his” ❤️

    Buff BagwellBuff Bagwell20 dagen geleden
  • Artem is the goat

    Mariano BazanMariano Bazan20 dagen geleden
  • Walid Ismail is Ali Abdelaziz lite

    Jose LaraJose Lara20 dagen geleden
  • ‘I’m looking at your facial expression, you seem pretty content.’ 😡 I’m dead.

    K DotK Dot20 dagen geleden
  • It would be funny if Glover finished Yan, fought Izzy finished him, go onto beat Jones like nobody ever thought he would and then within like 2 years everyone considered him the goat

    Peter CuntoPeter Cunto20 dagen geleden
  • Dude you guys gotta make a vid of Roberto Naranja

    UU20 dagen geleden
    • Sorry it's Renato Laranja

      UU20 dagen geleden
  • Hilarious

    UU20 dagen geleden
  • I literally thought it was going to be cain from the thumbnail

    IntegrityFitnesTV IFTVIntegrityFitnesTV IFTV20 dagen geleden

    Sejo BotonjicSejo Botonjic20 dagen geleden
  • What in the honest fuck did I just watch, was he speaking in behalf of Davidson figierado, man I'm confused. But what ever, more mma memes.

    Blunt BeagleBlunt Beagle20 dagen geleden
  • The GOAT is obviously Joanna 'booooogie lady' Jedrzejczyk smh

    abdullah hussianabdullah hussian20 dagen geleden
  • CM Punk is the greatest MMA fighter of all time

    Chad BChad B20 dagen geleden
  • War Machine is the GOAT

    Dillon AlexanderDillon Alexander20 dagen geleden
  • H

    Derik EspinosaDerik Espinosa20 dagen geleden
  • Wallid is the Flyweight interim champ

    Jeff MJeff M21 dag geleden
  • (Video idea)Conor McGregor and Artem Lobov being friends

    Conor 47Conor 4721 dag geleden
  • This is fucking hilarious.

    Dain A.Dain A.21 dag geleden
  • He can speak English huh???

    Kayo WazahKayo Wazah21 dag geleden
  • Artem isn't In it?

    karlos Lowrykarlos Lowry21 dag geleden
  • Not Artem Lobov!! Garbage!! Unsubscribed.

    Akashdwip BiswasAkashdwip Biswas21 dag geleden
  • I found this abnormally funny

    Hot SauceHot Sauce21 dag geleden
  • Borrachinia lose because of him

    F430F43021 dag geleden
  • You got me with the click bait I thought this was a video about the real GOAT

    Benjamin EckerBenjamin Ecker21 dag geleden
  • I fuckin hate that guy

    Myles RothfarbMyles Rothfarb21 dag geleden
  • Artem Lobov no questions asked

    Absolute UnitAbsolute Unit21 dag geleden
  • Figgy was high af

    ali raidali raid21 dag geleden
  • Noone seem to know the answer "noone"

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones21 dag geleden
  • *Mype Sports bitches*

    IfyoumanagetoreadmynameyoumustsubscribeIfyoumanagetoreadmynameyoumustsubscribe21 dag geleden
  • Art...em

    Altair123 LolAltair123 Lol21 dag geleden
  • Looks like one of them dudes from Prometheus

    James JohnsonJames Johnson21 dag geleden
  • Why is this even a question 😐 💀 ....ARTEM IS THE GOAT and no one can deny it !! 25 fights 25 wins about 25 losses ...he has won and lost every single round Undefeated Disputed

    blood_upon_the_roseblood_upon_the_rose21 dag geleden
  • Mype Sport is a GENIUS😂😂😂😂

    Jhonatan BaudoneJhonatan Baudone21 dag geleden
  • Krillin

    Ofelia MichelOfelia Michel21 dag geleden
  • Jesus Christ... it's the first time that I couldn't watch the whole video this time.

    Argentinian Red NeckArgentinian Red Neck21 dag geleden
  • We all know its artem lobov

    El vichoEl vicho21 dag geleden
  • Who the hell is this?

    Kill PeopleKill People21 dag geleden
  • So is that guy a fighter or translator

    ahahahahaha95ahahahahaha9521 dag geleden
  • Subscribe, or be a beta simp.

    Josh DutczakJosh Dutczak21 dag geleden
  • Fedor

    Hugo StiglitzHugo Stiglitz21 dag geleden
  • Bitches

    Mason OutsiderMason Outsider21 dag geleden
  • Lobov

    Mason OutsiderMason Outsider21 dag geleden
  • Artem

    Mason OutsiderMason Outsider21 dag geleden
  • He didn't beat no Gracies!

    dftnsdftns21 dag geleden
  • Well it is down too three contenders: Chael P. Sonnen, The bad guy or the american gangster from west linn, oregon

    Regh SportsRegh Sports21 dag geleden
  • This dude always looks like he's about to spontaneously combust at any second

    K BedzK Bedz21 dag geleden
  • Is that the guy from despicable me irl?

    Alex JevonsAlex Jevons21 dag geleden
  • Tony the type of guy that shadow boxes his own shadow.

    Alex VargasAlex Vargas21 dag geleden
  • Why is he with figuero all the time?

    Dt ZmDt Zm21 dag geleden
  • Walid: “Im gonna knockout him or submish him” Autocorrect: “Im gonna knock him out or submit him”

    KwoarangKwoarang21 dag geleden
  • more greatest minds of mma please

    The CribThe Crib21 dag geleden
  • the gracie destroyer himself certified goat

    brown chickenbrown chicken21 dag geleden
  • This guy is so fucking annoying

    DutchCoreDutchCore21 dag geleden