Stephen A. Smith The MMA Expert

6 jun. 2020
304 935 Weergaven

Stephen A. Smith knows so much about the sport of MMA!
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • He once said “you can scratch you can claw” when talking about MMA back in the Ronda days. It was then I knew he was clueless, I’m glad he’s getting found out now

    Dom LostitchDom Lostitch17 uur geleden
  • In SAS defense he was right about Cowboy

    Robert RayRobert RayDag geleden
  • Stephen A is forced to talk about combat sports because of his co-host. He'd do better in that arena if he was talking to another person who didn't get it. That'd probably be entertaining for the vast majority of people who don't watch MMA.

    Woopity ScoopWoopity ScoopDag geleden
  • he shouldn't be allowed to talk about any sports

    jacob lydamorejacob lydamoreDag geleden
  • Had to make sure this vid was no longer than 5 min.......probably woulda had a seizure

    Tony RocaTony Roca2 dagen geleden
  • Is that an oxymoron?

    Adam Taylor PayneAdam Taylor Payne3 dagen geleden
  • 2:10 that moment when your friends are laughing at you, not at your humorous remarks, but you're just too dumb to get it.

    Adrian CiureaAdrian Ciurea3 dagen geleden
  • Say what you will about Stephen A., but he was right about Cowboy. Even Cerrone admitted it.

    Gary LopezGary Lopez4 dagen geleden
  • Say what you like, stephen A smith was actually right about the cerone fight

    A MaxA Max4 dagen geleden
  • Steven A don’t know shit about boxing either

    hendrix9087hendrix90874 dagen geleden
  • Steven smith is a fucking idiot....fuckin clown shoes. He's so annoying

    Sly11B EnalSly11B Enal4 dagen geleden
  • Dude needs to stick to basketball. He knows jack shit about mma, football, boxing or baseball

    The HoundThe Hound4 dagen geleden
  • Yeah.. . "MMA expert"... Sure

    Wedge AntillesWedge Antilles4 dagen geleden
  • how did he get a job /hired there

    king darius of persiaking darius of persia5 dagen geleden
  • He was absolutely right on the cowboy take

    100spurs100spurs5 dagen geleden
  • Stephen was right about cowboy. I’ll give him that.

    Khyber KillzoneKhyber Killzone7 dagen geleden
  • Stephen A. Smith's hairline is as far gone as his MMA knowledge.

    JKB DKJKB DK8 dagen geleden
  • It’s easy to forget that ESPN ever tried using this bozo for UFC. Then you watch this and remember how funny it was

    How/NOT/to/do/itHow/NOT/to/do/it9 dagen geleden
  • Man, second hand embarrassed from his ringside color commentary.

    Rance WhiteRance White9 dagen geleden
  • Do anything on nick diaz please and thank

    Damon WyattDamon Wyatt10 dagen geleden
  • We'll call him Brendan Schaub 2

  • Actually to tell you the truth it’s you who analyzes UFC who can’t fight lmao ya just talk tough because ya feel like ya tough because ya watch a tough sport lmao that’s hilarious to me you adding Stephen A. “punching” is stupid.. he’s doing therapy to help strengthen his shoulders man.. he’s not fighting or that’s not how he punches irl.. he’s just trying to stretch his limbs while strengthing it.. lmao I bet all of you can’t fight 100%

    Versatile WolfVersatile Wolf10 dagen geleden
  • The funny thing is Steven A was 100% correct about Conor and cowboy

    Marcus JMarcus J11 dagen geleden
  • I would love to make n Enemy w Stephen

    OG AlienOG Alien11 dagen geleden
  • I don’t think Stephen A smith knows he’s talking with trained killers that would fuck him up.

    Anonymous The unknownAnonymous The unknown11 dagen geleden
  • I don't understand UFC, but even I can tell this guy is winging it... Should stick to NBA/NFL commentary

    Hasan A.Hasan A.12 dagen geleden
  • Stephen is a disgrace to BLM he a white man with a tan

    Uno BassmanUno Bassman12 dagen geleden
  • He was right about cerrone even cerrone admitted months later he didn’t want to be there in the Conor fight

    Jacob TucoJacob Tuco12 dagen geleden
  • An enemy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    no-more-war-4-ZIONISTSno-more-war-4-ZIONISTS13 dagen geleden
  • Stephen was right...the lights were too bright. Cowboy said himself he wasn’t all there. He said in an interview

    EG SoloEG Solo13 dagen geleden
  • Joe wanted to fucking explode lmao

    Brandon DicksonBrandon Dickson14 dagen geleden
  • Max :Stephen a you are not an mma expert Stephen a :you're wrong and here's why

    Benedek FarkasBenedek Farkas14 dagen geleden
  • The reason why Gaethje lost against Khabib is Justin showed up and not Garth. Garth would have taken Khabib's head off!

    Atif MIrAtif MIr15 dagen geleden
  • Justin “The Highlight” Garth

    Gabriel TorresGabriel Torres15 dagen geleden
  • 😏

    Courtney GillespieCourtney Gillespie15 dagen geleden
  • I dont like stephen, but i agree with him about some of the things he says aboud the ufc, the media that covers the ufc is full of shit they hype up a fight that should not been aired on the tv and they get away with it, ufc's media is so soft on the fighters but stephen is not

    poto 007poto 00716 dagen geleden
    • You stupid

      RITHIN DAS RA1711002010456RITHIN DAS RA171100201045615 dagen geleden
  • Garth vs Khalabib. Now that’s a fight.

    Philanthropic NightmarePhilanthropic Nightmare16 dagen geleden
  • This guy is so hilarious

    Andres JimenezAndres Jimenez16 dagen geleden
  • Dude is an idiot

    Christian PruittChristian Pruitt16 dagen geleden
  • And thats why he gets paid the big bucks 😒

    Jimmy PageJimmy Page16 dagen geleden
  • Tbh i kind of agree on the cowboy take

    Isac GyriIsac Gyri17 dagen geleden
  • Seriously ESPN what were you thinking?

    Chris GuastaferroChris Guastaferro17 dagen geleden
  • This guy clearly took the short bus to school

    IronKnight117IronKnight11717 dagen geleden
  • Stephen the types of guy that want to be famous joker in media .

    Ns TserNs Tser17 dagen geleden
  • You dont wanna make an enemy out of me - SpEeD! Perfect intro.

    Dillon CoopDillon Coop20 dagen geleden
  • Lol Joe Rogan is disgusted

    Justin JacksonJustin Jackson20 dagen geleden
  • Stephen A. Shite

    Mir AliMir Ali20 dagen geleden
  • He's not all wrong cowboy sucks. I will never watch a cowboy fight again in my life.

    Chuck DeMarcoChuck DeMarco20 dagen geleden
  • You should add the latest Khabib interview on ESPN when he shut SAS down.

    hilman hakimhilman hakim20 dagen geleden
  • Funny as hell man

    Svi smo mi AnteSvi smo mi Ante21 dag geleden
  • He aint even expert, he;'s an idiot tryna sound smart.

    Christian MulipolaChristian Mulipola22 dagen geleden
  • Steven A Is it classic example of someone who will talk in a way that makes him sound like he knows what hes saying even though the words that are coming out of his mouth are really stupid. So he'll say it with confidence and a bit of anger behind it as if that somehow makes his dumb ass words mean anything or have any value. Mma specifically. If you're so injured that you have to punch with horrible form then it's not time to punch yet that's a weak ass excuse.

    John SmithJohn Smith22 dagen geleden
  • 'I just changed my mind in 2 seconds.'

    PEPE EL MACHOPEPE EL MACHO22 dagen geleden
  • No grappling cause of corona... and this man still has a job smh... not including his “basketball acumen” hahahaha

    Luiso1XLuiso1X22 dagen geleden
  • Thats why folks, journalist is the questioner , informant is the answerer

    a cata cat23 dagen geleden
  • Why the f*** are people paid to give their opinions and sports. I mean who really gives it a s*** other than that person making the big and flapping their jaw. I don't know... Maybe some people like it.

    bs elguapobs elguapo23 dagen geleden
  • he need to fuck off already

    breakinggoodbreakinggood23 dagen geleden
  • What he said about conor imo is true in regards to his preparation for khabib.

    Tomas AshenafiTomas Ashenafi23 dagen geleden
  • How you put Reyes and not max for bogus decision..... max knocked him down twice Reyes got an uppercut y’all fanboy over and ran around till he could make it to decision.. his biggest accomplishment of his life... this isn’t rocky

    Brandon KrikkeBrandon Krikke23 dagen geleden
  • Man I just realize joe hasn’t been doing ufc since that incident with Stephen a 😂

    Hamid MohammadHamid Mohammad23 dagen geleden
  • Hey ESPN, I watched a game of basketball once on TV. Lemme know when I can get a job commentating on MMA bouts too.

    T. KvasT. Kvas24 dagen geleden
  • Hendricks clearly tapped

    David ZamoraDavid Zamora24 dagen geleden
  • I get it now. The lights were so bright, cowboy couldn’t see Connor. They should dim the lights.

    StockTawkStockTawk24 dagen geleden
  • I love Kevin Durant dissing him on his own show at 0:17.

    KAVIKAVI25 dagen geleden
  • Joe rogan looked like I look when I do maths

    Fatimah ContehFatimah Conteh25 dagen geleden
  • Stephen A Smith is the more vocal, less athletic version of Tito Ortiz

    This DudeThis Dude25 dagen geleden
  • It sounds like a chick trying to talk about a sport that they don't know anything about.

    Carl TippmenCarl Tippmen25 dagen geleden
  • The jump cuts to him hitting the focus mitts is fantastic 😂

    DanehhDanehh26 dagen geleden
  • why are people hating on this guy so much? He never pretended to be an MMA genius or something. The guy is an entertaining sports commentator who knows a decent amount about MMA thats all. We all know he’s no Ariel Helwani, get over it.

    Etienne TessierEtienne Tessier26 dagen geleden
  • such a clown

    Club de amigos BarcaClub de amigos Barca26 dagen geleden
  • I love Stephen A to death, but he's gotta stay away from MMA

    Richie SzczepaniakRichie Szczepaniak26 dagen geleden
  • He doesnt know shit about boxing either

    nsburknsburk26 dagen geleden
  • He didn’t realize Tony Ferguson’s the type of guy to grapple with corona virus

    Courtical HoopsCourtical Hoops27 dagen geleden
  • Huuuuuuuge ego and no knowledge.Thats what tv experts in general are

    Miguel Fernández RocaMiguel Fernández Roca27 dagen geleden
  • I still think they should make him do a charity match against CM Punk. Give CM Punk an easy win

    Milk ShakeMilk Shake27 dagen geleden
  • I wish he'd say that shit to Cerrone's face and get his dumb ass whooped

    Milk ShakeMilk Shake27 dagen geleden
  • Yay I’m a virgin again!

    Hdhs HdhsHdhs Hdhs27 dagen geleden
  • I really believe GARTH can get the Lw title after kaboob's departure from Bellator

    im fine im okayim fine im okay27 dagen geleden
  • That edit at 2:13 was amazing

    BEATmyguest31BEATmyguest3127 dagen geleden
  • Joe may know more about MMA then Stephen A. but, Joe isn't the Mr. know it all that he thinks he is. Yeah yeah! I know he's a 12th planet BJJ Black Belt and all that but, he's only a practitioner never stepped into the cage for real against a real MMA fighter and frankly is too often wrong with his commentaries.

    Joshua LaraJoshua Lara27 dagen geleden
  • Hang on Mype Sports, I saw wonderboy in the part about bad decisions, surely not referring to the Till fight?

    Damien DuffDamien Duff27 dagen geleden
  • Loud mouth bitch slapped on a pay check

    FightrecFightrec27 dagen geleden
  • Why delete the Schaub vid?

    I SedI Sed28 dagen geleden
  • I hope they never have Smith on any fighting events again.

    Marcus FitzgeraldMarcus Fitzgerald29 dagen geleden
  • The know all should just stay in his lane.

    Rob MaloneRob Malone29 dagen geleden
  • Whys he still talking about mma smh

    Mr TrompasMr TrompasMaand geleden
  • Stephen A aaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Stupid!

    Elangbam PerfectElangbam PerfectMaand geleden
  • Click bait and hot takes are his only move. Full of it

    Letter RippLetter RippMaand geleden
  • Stephen A. Smith The Cringe God

    mk4turbojettamk4turbojettaMaand geleden
  • The most racist man in sports S.A.S

    Upper 90Upper 90Maand geleden
  • The only thing you can agree with him about is Cerrone not showing up. Donald even admitted it himself

    Lee SusLee SusMaand geleden
  • Dude is such a little bitch clown.

    zaccyozaccyoMaand geleden
  • Rogan needs to choke Stephen a out

    JadedJadedMaand geleden
  • is this what journalism looks like in the USA ? damn I'm overqualified trough the roof

    raiemieraiemieMaand geleden
  • the guy knows hes a joke and is just embracing it lol

    MqgicalMqgicalMaand geleden
  • Stephen a smith tbh is funny at times

    James FreemanJames FreemanMaand geleden
  • This clown knows jack about basketball. How could anyone expect him to know anything about mma. 😂

    Jory FeldmanJory FeldmanMaand geleden
  • Such disrespect to cowboy cerrone. Stephen doesn't understand the fight game.

    BuddhaBuddhaMaand geleden