Robert Whittaker keeping it real

6 okt. 2020
107 846 Weergaven

Robert Whittaker is a chill guy who keeps it real!
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • Can’t wait for the rematch with Izzy.

    Eder HazredEder Hazred3 dagen geleden
  • I think he is at least half canadian.

    Sarkis MukoyanSarkis Mukoyan4 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully they show him saying if it were up to him he'd fight yoel and two of his best friends

    Jeff HargroveJeff Hargrove9 dagen geleden
  • He should marry Amanda Ribas . They are made for each other

    like a BAWSElike a BAWSE26 dagen geleden
  • I suggest a catchweight fight between Stephen Thompson and Robert Whittaker for the NMF belt.

    Anthony LavelleAnthony LavelleMaand geleden
  • "maybe I had more coffee than he had crystals" is one of the greatest lilnes anyone has ever said in this sport and it hurts me that so few people heard that one lol

    LE0NSKALE0NSKAMaand geleden
  • Whittaker really was the monster

    Sum bhoySum bhoyMaand geleden
  • Do “Jared Cannonier being New Age”

    Colin LisethColin LisethMaand geleden
  • Fucking ariel lol

    Patrick GPatrick GMaand geleden
  • Whittaker would smesh Khamzat ass

    Humberto SabençaHumberto SabençaMaand geleden
  • for some reason i always call this guy riddick in my mind, and i still do by accident a lot

    RandalmcdanielRandalmcdanielMaand geleden
  • Pretty sure thats kublai khan reincarnate

    SoyBoy69SoyBoy69Maand geleden
  • Gr8 person and fighter

    Adam DahlströmAdam DahlströmMaand geleden
  • Whittaker's no. 1 method of keeping it real: beating up Adensanya's fists with his face.

    Shanaynay IeatwatermelonShanaynay IeatwatermelonMaand geleden
  • Mafia city adds are the most misleading advertisements I ever seen in my life

    DanielDanielMaand geleden
    • @S J they work as a scam

      DanielDanielMaand geleden
    • thats how mafia works.

      S JS JMaand geleden
  • Whittaker vs. Holloway for the most chill mf belt. Who wins?😤

    WorldFrom DownUnderWorldFrom DownUnderMaand geleden
  • Robbie mimicking those feints like a cat throwing up a furball is hilarious lol

    Billa BumBilla BumMaand geleden
  • Everytime i think of rob whittaker i picture that thing he does with his leg all the time while fighting

    Bigspliff26Bigspliff26Maand geleden
  • Robert the type of guy to compliment you before knocking your arse out

    C RC RMaand geleden
  • Should’ve put the “what do i think about him? I don’t think about him.”

    rhearheaMaand geleden
  • 1:28 no way in hell Whitaker would duck khamzat

    coyote starrkcoyote starrkMaand geleden
  • Y the New Zealand flag though

    dude guydude guyMaand geleden
  • Okay, to be clear... we all know Robert would smash Khamzat. Im on the hype train too, but come on.

    Jay KingJay KingMaand geleden
  • He's a good Aussie bloke, polite, funny and tough as hell! 🇦🇺

    sayvar44sayvar44Maand geleden
  • whittaker looks like a white black dude

    thejoeygthejoeygMaand geleden
  • don’t buy hype , robert will fuck up khazmat

    Levi BerishviliLevi BerishviliMaand geleden
  • See that’s what I like about Whittaker, he keeps it real

    Brandon VirayBrandon VirayMaand geleden
  • “He’s a welterweight and I hope he stays there!” What a fucking guy lol

    Spelunking MonkeySpelunking MonkeyMaand geleden
  • Yeah, I couldn’t not like Rob if you paid me!

    Harry DresdenHarry DresdenMaand geleden
  • Mype sports selling out? Good for you brother! Make that cheddar 🧀

    _ Honestly __ Honestly _Maand geleden
  • The title should be robert laughing at things that arent funny

    acemadeacemadeMaand geleden
  • For real, Whittaker is literally the nicest guy ever to fight in MMA, with the one possible exception of Wonderboy.

    QuantumheadQuantumheadMaand geleden
  • Did my dude have an ad for an ad inside an ad

    metalheadbluesmetalheadbluesMaand geleden
  • I'll always hold a grudge against Izzy and Woodly for knocking out Robbie and Bobby Knuckles.

    metalheadbluesmetalheadbluesMaand geleden
  • This guy didn't need to hype Khamzat yet he still did. A true professional.

    MKTMKTMaand geleden
    • @TOA Athletes K

      MKTMKTMaand geleden
    • No one needs to hype up rat lip

      TOA AthletesTOA AthletesMaand geleden
  • Money moves

    Mariano BazanMariano BazanMaand geleden
  • Whos NMF? Wonderboy, GSP, Max, Sage, Rob, or JDS?

    Johnny LukenJohnny LukenMaand geleden
  • Rob is such a humble and respectable fighter!! I've said the same about Izzy, great fighter but don't like the guy

    Lake MacBoganLake MacBoganMaand geleden
  • Robert 'The Monster' Whittaker

    TanTanMaand geleden
  • Rob would beat Khamzat

    KodhelajKodhelajMaand geleden
  • Ahhh, you see those acoustic guitars in the background? Thats why he's chill - he's a musician. Hey Robbo - I'd love to jam anytime mate!

    ComeRee Am BithComeRee Am BithMaand geleden
  • Glad he ain't the champ. Can fight at most once per year

    Joseph NyambuJoseph NyambuMaand geleden
  • Aussies sound like their on the piss 24*7. Slurrrrr

    varun ghoshvarun ghoshMaand geleden

    Lucian LeesonjaLucian LeesonjaMaand geleden
  • If someone says they don't like Rob whittaker you absolutely can't trust them.

    Anton WeretaAnton WeretaMaand geleden
  • Whittaker is savage

    Zsámbokszállasi töltöttszárítottcukrosposzátaZsámbokszállasi töltöttszárítottcukrosposzátaMaand geleden
  • In the Middleweight division rob and costa are my favourite 💯💪🏻

    Meena SinghMeena SinghMaand geleden
  • Whittaker and stipe 👑 love them both

    Meena SinghMeena SinghMaand geleden
  • I just got recommended a video that showed Mike Tyson vs the media. Right underneath that video I see this one. 2 complete opposite personalities.

    Mick HabichMick HabichMaand geleden
  • I love how most fighters would try to justify the stomp or ignore the question, but then Rob is just like “ohhhhhhhhh, I’ll do it again then” hahahaha

    SkizVidsSkizVidsMaand geleden
  • I CAN'T BELIEVE!!! I just found Khamzats sparring video against Khabib!

    EdvinEdvinMaand geleden
  • I still can't believe this dude is still 29

    meren aiermeren aierMaand geleden
  • "I am the monster ☺️"

    Nelson DumasNelson DumasMaand geleden
    • IM like "okey Bobby, -_-"

      a cata catMaand geleden
  • This reminds me of the meme with the Golden Retriever and werewolf. Rob's personality is the Golden Retriever and him in the cage is the werewolf.

    Brandon AmézquitaBrandon AmézquitaMaand geleden
  • He's the embodiment of every middle class bloke you meet down the local watering hole in the land down under. Come down have a beer lads

    Cracken PipesCracken PipesMaand geleden
  • Bobby Knuckles and Till are my favorite middleweights, I'd be happy to see either of them with the belt.

    Anthony HertleinAnthony HertleinMaand geleden
  • Good guy, but i dont see him getting the belt unless Izzy vacates it

    Divyendu KashyapDivyendu KashyapMaand geleden
  • He fights everyone.. Not scared to fight anybody.. That's one of the things that makes him my favorite

    Joseph llJoseph llMaand geleden
  • Danny Garcia MMA

    sheriyar khan pashtoonsheriyar khan pashtoonMaand geleden
  • he's lika kind of white michael jai white. lol

    assanari khouryassanari khouryMaand geleden
  • Do one on how weasely ariel is

    Pro 47Pro 47Maand geleden
  • Top bloke that Bobby Knuckles

    LimbertimberLimbertimberMaand geleden
  • That's some Cerrone-level likeability!

    returnoftheredeyereturnoftheredeyeMaand geleden
  • Robert Whittaker was a true champion hope he gets another title fight

    Ofelia MichelOfelia MichelMaand geleden
  • Brett Okamotorola is hella annoying.

    Victor LaraVictor LaraMaand geleden
  • Lmao none of whittakers jokes are funny

    acemadeacemadeMaand geleden
    • He didn't made any jokes

      ankit yadavankit yadavMaand geleden
  • if you transplant bobbys personality into adesanya it will be awesome

    CalebCalebMaand geleden
  • Can you do a Jared Cannonier one please

    Gm GjGm GjMaand geleden
  • Robert 3:16 just whooped your ass!

    deadlyfeetdeadlyfeetMaand geleden
  • Day 3 of asking mype sports to make “Diego Sanchez having CTE”

    know kneedknow kneedMaand geleden
  • Most Australians are all this laid back and keep it real...the ones I know at least 😂😂

    Insert NameInsert NameMaand geleden
  • I think the one thing that made me realize Izzy is a dick is the fact that he was being salty towards Robert of all people

    ZenmoZenmoMaand geleden
  • Wish he was my dad

    TheBeaTleTheBeaTleMaand geleden
  • How can you hate this guy?!

    Albert WolfAlbert WolfMaand geleden
  • Helwani has been around for years but I still can't stand the guy

    MoshJunkie426MoshJunkie426Maand geleden
  • “Brother I am the monster” perfect line for both Whittaker and Chimaev 😂

    LegendairymilkLegendairymilkMaand geleden
  • Bobbie Knuckles vs Wonderboy for the Nicest MoFo title.

    Jorge D'arce 666Jorge D'arce 666Maand geleden
  • 2:13 OMFG I can't stand this ugly face! Please Mype Sport, next time just try to avoid this kind of close-ups with this face -_-'

    Luca MarinoLuca MarinoMaand geleden
    • @yeezus XD XD XD

      Luca MarinoLuca MarinoMaand geleden
    • made me uncomfortable af

      yeezusyeezusMaand geleden
  • Refreshing to have a genuine nice guy in the UFC who doesn’t stoop to insults and fake tough guy acts.

    Adam SalemAdam SalemMaand geleden
  • I love him but he plays Fallout with a Power Armor wearing melee character which i hate 😂

    FADED '03FADED '03Maand geleden
  • Robert was a far better champion than Izzy ever will be.

    Yumnam AlbertYumnam AlbertMaand geleden
    • But izzy is the better fighter Robert will ever be🤷🏻‍♂️

      Toni BlackstoneToni BlackstoneMaand geleden
    • Nope lol Robert got the belt and sat with it for ages as soon as he went to defended he got slept 😂

      TOA AthletesTOA AthletesMaand geleden
    • Robert got injured so much during his reign but yeah he is more likable than Izzy and I'm a fan of both of them

      John CJohn CMaand geleden
  • Most underrated and underappreciated guy in ufc

    Imran AhmedImran AhmedMaand geleden
  • I don’t know if I misread the Khzmat comment but without insulting him he said “ Do welterweight first mate, then come see me if you wan Bobby Knuckles.” ... Rob would take that fight.

    Island Bull TradingIsland Bull TradingMaand geleden
  • Bobby knuckles

    Abdulrahim YusufAbdulrahim YusufMaand geleden
  • One of the most humble champions alongside Khabib, Cormier, GSP and Conor.

    Emal NottzEmal NottzMaand geleden
  • That picture on the thumbnail makes him look like the anonymous mask

    The ProdigyThe ProdigyMaand geleden
  • if whittaker was a monster, then the scariest thing on earth would be a pillow

    Emman The AdrianEmman The AdrianMaand geleden
  • It's impossible not to like this guy 😂

    SmashMMASmashMMAMaand geleden
  • Whitaker was beyond relieved to win that last fight.

    John SnowJohn SnowMaand geleden
  • cool as fuck thyis dude...

    Luxuryhomes888Luxuryhomes888Maand geleden
  • this guy is like cowboy or wonderboy u just can't dislike him

    breakinggoodbreakinggoodMaand geleden
  • Gotta love Rob, top bloke.

    Evan LarsenEvan LarsenMaand geleden
  • He looks like Tony bellew

    Ellie WoodsEllie WoodsMaand geleden
  • We need a george saint pimp

    Aziz BoudastourAziz BoudastourMaand geleden
  • I miss goodmorning theme sad to see it gone

    el panchito9090el panchito9090Maand geleden
  • Bro he’s not even 30 we got 5-10 years of him left and we should cherish it cause we need him when Tony’s gone.

    KobraKobraMaand geleden
  • And man faught York Romero for 10 rounds

    Suraj SinghSuraj SinghMaand geleden
  • Wished he was still champ

    Yassin JoubliYassin JoubliMaand geleden
  • Mate...rob is bloody great.

    Stephen maharajStephen maharajMaand geleden