MMA Awards - The Nicest Fighter in MMA?

10 okt. 2020
113 944 Weergaven

Who will win this prestigious award? Comment down below who you think is the winner!
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  • No Bendo? I'm disappointed

    Onyx KingMeOnyx KingMe9 uur geleden
  • I hate nice people

    MrAhmes2001MrAhmes200116 uur geleden
  • defenitly not GSP ... he's kinda the trashtalk goat himself...

    Valon ____Valon ____17 uur geleden
  • I'ma beat the shit outta a girl and say Robert Whittaker taught me about "equality"

    Alex StephensonAlex Stephenson7 dagen geleden
  • No mention of Mike Perry?

    S U R V I V ES U R V I V E8 dagen geleden
  • gloverrrrr

    KevlexiconKevlexicon8 dagen geleden
  • Imagine George's Bully returning with that cash and bragging about it...

    Luiz Evandro ButzkeLuiz Evandro Butzke9 dagen geleden
  • rob no doubt

    Ben BecsBen Becs10 dagen geleden
  • Colby Covington

    Robert CullenRobert Cullen11 dagen geleden
  • Sir, it's a crime that Anderson Silva and Rose Namajunas were not nominated for this award 😭😭

    Top SecretTop Secret12 dagen geleden
  • Robert Whitaker

    John FidalgoJohn Fidalgo12 dagen geleden
  • Good ol' Saint Northcut

    Booty FalconBooty Falcon16 dagen geleden
  • Mighty Mouse and JDS. I remember watching TUF 13 where JDS won the coaches challenge and he decided to give some of the money to the fighters on the other team.

    Turtle RuddTurtle Rudd21 dag geleden
  • Stipe miocic

    Prakhar BishtPrakhar Bisht22 dagen geleden
  • Rob equality what a mad bloke

    SkuttySkutty25 dagen geleden
  • Wonder boy is a gem

    SkuttySkutty25 dagen geleden
  • No Khabib?

    DinomraDinomra25 dagen geleden
  • Whittaker thompson are so freaking nice and gergoe aswell

    REEE XDDDREEE XDDD25 dagen geleden
  • Nah man, gsp insulted Hughes pretty bad, I don't see him even being on the list, the fact that he wasn't impressed with Matt's performance even stung in my heart a little when I heard that 😳😞

    Timo L.Timo L.27 dagen geleden
  • SGP is a pimp, he ain't no nice guy

    MattMatt28 dagen geleden
  • honestly tho where’s max?

    Chris MeeksChris Meeks29 dagen geleden
  • GSP

    Sanatea *No Sana No Life*Sanatea *No Sana No Life*29 dagen geleden
  • Wow I had no idea Thompson was gay

    3xtra Terrestrial3xtra TerrestrialMaand geleden
  • Georges St-Pierre literally apologized, issued an apology, for saying he wasn’t impressed with Matt Hughes performance

    Nat JellenikNat JellenikMaand geleden
  • Stephen

    Grant VanGrant VanMaand geleden
  • Khabib would be a honorable mention

    hasibul islamhasibul islamMaand geleden
  • Hearing Stephen curse makes me like him even more :)

    Anthony LavelleAnthony LavelleMaand geleden
  • Love how serious rob looks when he’s says equality😂1:19

    Jacob WhiteplumeJacob WhiteplumeMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy

    Davis ReidDavis ReidMaand geleden
  • GSP is canadian he win this by default

    Sevianus LucianoSevianus LucianoMaand geleden
  • I love how Tyron was a dick to Wonderboy. Made it so much more enjoyable when Colby smashed his ribs in.

    ALiBi212xALiBi212xMaand geleden
  • Whittaker got to be Nicest guy but BADDEST Fighter, just dominated Jared Cannonier and was respectful in the post fight interviews

    ZAIN YTZAIN YTMaand geleden
  • The Bi-Racial Angel = NMF

    Ryan McGuireRyan McGuireMaand geleden
  • Khabib and Thompson

    booptidyscoopbooptidyscoopMaand geleden
  • Khabib

    Mohd Afreed789Mohd Afreed789Maand geleden
  • wonderboy all the way

    DiLLyiDiLLyiMaand geleden
    • and cowboy

      DiLLyiDiLLyiMaand geleden
  • Robert Whittaker.

    Ry-GuyRy-GuyMaand geleden
  • Robbo 4 sure coz he is nice but he is not a kiss ass like sage and stehpen i mean i like both of em but in the context of being nice

    JB MarkowiczJB MarkowiczMaand geleden
  • Amanda Ribas

    C CC CMaand geleden
  • Stephen Thompson is the fucking greatest guy in MMA plain an simple!

    Emily WeeksEmily WeeksMaand geleden
  • Y nbdy is talkin abt Khabid

    Save EarthSave EarthMaand geleden
  • WHOA!!!!!! Wonderboy swears?!?!?! That legit surprised me, in complete seriousness. Although I think JDS and Stipe are missing from this list.

    Ruben DavilaRuben DavilaMaand geleden
  • Definitely isn't Stephen Thompson. That trash talking was savage

    Craig Thomas FarrCraig Thomas FarrMaand geleden
  • Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson is homosexual?

    ReKO OneReKO OneMaand geleden
  • Hearing wonder boy curse is like hearing a cute panda say cunt

    R U M H A MR U M H A MMaand geleden
  • Everyone forgot stipe

    Ajay ThapaAjay ThapaMaand geleden
  • Ngannou!

    Voornaam AchternaamVoornaam AchternaamMaand geleden
  • Gsp

    Kengan BaderKengan BaderMaand geleden
  • ill agree apart from Sage. Sage stands out in the uncanny valley. this is someone that wouldnt look too out of place secretly strangling neighbourhood pets to death and saving trophy ears in a jar under his bed. Something fucked up will come out about this kid one day. i mean, either that or i need to be less fucking cynical......but its impossible nowadays.

    MilhouseMilhouseMaand geleden
  • Mike perry.

    Gorilla.Gorilla.Maand geleden
  • Where's Fedor?

    Erikson LegaspiErikson LegaspiMaand geleden
  • Colby Covington?

    Wretched JosephWretched JosephMaand geleden
  • Gsp because he is Canadian and therefore always “sorry”

    Sean ThompsonSean ThompsonMaand geleden
  • its impossible to outnice Sage...

    MacStokerMacStokerMaand geleden
  • next video, MMA AWARDS -The Biggest Twat in mma?

    MacStokerMacStokerMaand geleden
  • My boy Steven is a anime guy?

    Austin NavoichickAustin NavoichickMaand geleden
  • you forget Max Holloway and Cory Sandhagen

    JaimeHackerJaimeHackerMaand geleden
  • I have to ask why khabib is not in the list. The guy doesn't speak proper English like any of this guys but everything he utters is full of advice, wisdom and positivity. I mean definitely Thomson's got my number 1 but khabib at least top 4

    Astarr FitnessAstarr FitnessMaand geleden
  • Mike perry is nice :)

    ErahkErahkMaand geleden
  • Dustin Poirier

    AlexAlexMaand geleden
  • Conor is definitely the nicest

    Kyle BlasKyle BlasMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy

    Adem DAdem DMaand geleden
  • Connor's not in the list? This is no. 1 bullshit He's like the nicest guy outside the cage, so what if he beat an old man, and broke a man's phone, and talked shit about someone's family, and umm and yeah so what? He's fighting for "charity" now what y'all got to say huh? Yeah, nothin!

    Hamza PatelHamza PatelMaand geleden
    • Wtf are you talking about

      Wills PramWills PramMaand geleden
  • Thompson vs. Whittacker for the NMF belt at 180 pounds. Tell me that would not be sweet

    Spencer WeingardSpencer WeingardMaand geleden
  • I think it would be rude to choose one, they all earned it and it isn’t very kind to claim otherwise.

    H JH JMaand geleden
  • you should do the biggest asshole in mma next and i think sage is the nicest

    Stephen Last nameStephen Last nameMaand geleden
  • Gsp apologizing for swearing is so wholesome. He’s the nicest guy in the ufc and has been for years.

    Deven TazzDeven TazzMaand geleden
  • JDS

    Sayantan NeogiSayantan NeogiMaand geleden
  • Where is stephen thompson?

    Matthew LaunchburyMatthew LaunchburyMaand geleden
    • @Wills Pram thank you my dude this dude missed him out

      Matthew LaunchburyMatthew LaunchburyMaand geleden
    • 0:44

      Wills PramWills PramMaand geleden
  • Whittaker and wonderboy

    deyonrocks56569deyonrocks56569Maand geleden
  • nah woodley for using his entire interview to promote black lives matter

    ben waldenben waldenMaand geleden
  • I think we can rule out GSP for his Matt Serra callout

    Digital IsaacDigital IsaacMaand geleden
  • Thompson

    Remember that time WhenRemember that time WhenMaand geleden
  • Great pick my friend most definitely these guys are cool nice and genuine. But i think you should name-even though not in the ufc-fedor emelianenko

    komodo dragonkomodo dragonMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy is the real Mensch

    chenvilichenviliMaand geleden
  • Machida is a nice fella too

    n00b saibotn00b saibotMaand geleden
  • Who tells you are full of potential to his bully ? What a NMF

    Andres JimenezAndres JimenezMaand geleden
  • Wheres holloway ?!

    LeviLeviMaand geleden
  • Thompson would make sure the corner is okay if he stubbed his toe.

    Smart MMASmart MMAMaand geleden
  • GSP is the G.O.A.T of niceness

    TravTravMaand geleden
  • Stephen thompson, he is the NMF title holder

    Guilherme EloyGuilherme EloyMaand geleden
  • Why did you play that clip of Wonderboy? Now all my illusions are broken :(. Robert ftw. Maybe Sage. GSP is a pimp.

    Brandon AmézquitaBrandon AmézquitaMaand geleden
  • Mike perry

    Joe NewtonJoe NewtonMaand geleden
  • Chael P. Sonnen. Undefeated undisputed.

    Americo MaizAmerico MaizMaand geleden
  • George is just an act of class

    El vichoEl vichoMaand geleden
  • It'll always be wonderboy. Sage is suspiciously nice and rob has just a bit of meaness to him. WB is super nice and its just natural and doesn't seem forced and he is really good. he's like a merge of the other two

    Aaron W.Aaron W.Maand geleden
  • You forgot Colby Covington

    Nip NipNip NipMaand geleden
  • I'm going Wonderbread Thompson with Bobby Knuckles right behind

    _ Honestly __ Honestly _Maand geleden
  • Wonderboy, hands down

    Gustavo SousaGustavo SousaMaand geleden

    Biggars in ParisBiggars in ParisMaand geleden
  • do a long hair thug rose thing

    John Matthew NisperosJohn Matthew NisperosMaand geleden
  • Connor he made them all rich !!

    odwa Nondywanaodwa NondywanaMaand geleden
  • Stipe Miocic?????

    Zarko JZarko JMaand geleden
  • What about JDS

    Barry GBarry GMaand geleden
  • Mr White

    ChrisChrisMaand geleden
  • Wonderboy knocked down Luque and almost helped the guy to his feet. It doesnt get more NMF than Thompson.

    alex guerreroalex guerreroMaand geleden
  • Anyone ever see that video of sage that got taken down where they sub his voice for "Conor you're taking everything I worked for mf"? 😂

    The SupernaturalsThe SupernaturalsMaand geleden
  • Demian Maia

    Sonny MallSonny MallMaand geleden
  • definitely Wonderboy. Robert Whittaker is taking everything he worked for

    Carl MarksCarl MarksMaand geleden
  • This video is a lie without Jon Jones, conor mcgregor, colby Covington, brock lesner

    S H E N *S H E N *Maand geleden