MMA Awards - Most Unique Guy in MMA?

16 okt. 2020
107 392 Weergaven

Who do you think the most Unique guy in MMA is?
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  • IDK, they all on hidden tricks weed to USADA tests 😂

    Roger J. Perez AbreuRoger J. Perez Abreu20 uur geleden
  • Her and her friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shivneel KumarShivneel Kumar3 dagen geleden
  • You don’t wanna know...

    Ladin AlzadjaliLadin Alzadjali3 dagen geleden
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to be brain deficient and have fans based on that fact.

    Omar El-RasheedyOmar El-Rasheedy4 dagen geleden
  • Full of life lessons and deep wisdom.😇🙏

    Creative Learning NYCCreative Learning NYC6 dagen geleden
  • dhh dhh dhh ♫ I CATCH A POWA ♫

    Shaquille O'NealShaquille O'Neal7 dagen geleden
  • Diego...I haven’t even watched the video and it’s Diego...I love Diego as a fighter but got damn. The dude is whack😂

    AJAJ8 dagen geleden
  • Diego sanchez only because he's been a freak since TUF

    TwamZTwamZ9 dagen geleden
  • I like how they are all Latino apart from mike perry who is from Mozambique

    Whiffy QueefWhiffy Queef10 dagen geleden
  • Has to be Tony.

    Nandan NadkarniNandan Nadkarni10 dagen geleden
  • Where are diaz brothers ??? xD

    Salgic czSalgic cz11 dagen geleden
  • i swear tony and perry are most entertaining.. even when they're not fighting.. can't beat that

    PrasunPrasun11 dagen geleden
  • Tony.

    Booty 2 ThiccBooty 2 Thicc11 dagen geleden
  • Yoel Romero forsure the funniest

    alex hernandezalex hernandez12 dagen geleden
  • This video should be called “this is how brain damages looks”

    Pablo OnzagaPablo Onzaga12 dagen geleden
  • "Just incase they run" Need Tony to author a book

    Sully PurserSully Purser12 dagen geleden
  • Tony Fergunson.

    John FidalgoJohn Fidalgo12 dagen geleden
  • Most guy in this list is wannabe unique Not really unique

    stupid boy N1stupid boy N113 dagen geleden
  • I lost it when Darren Tills face showed up

    David NilssonDavid Nilsson13 dagen geleden
  • ok but on a sad note diego is legit being manipulated by his "awareness coach" and seems to be very manic. Legend tho

    droopydroopy14 dagen geleden
  • Yoel "your favourite supply teacher" Romero

    MKTMKT14 dagen geleden
  • Tony. Mike perry is a loose cannon yhough

    bryan hightowerbryan hightower19 dagen geleden
  • Am I the only one that finds Diego Sanchez far stranger than Tony lol

    murray1234567891011murray123456789101121 dag geleden
  • crazy horse

    Yusef AlimamYusef Alimam21 dag geleden
  • That yoel interview about beliving in yourself is powerful shit

    Ale MichelenaAle Michelena22 dagen geleden
  • Ishihara is definitely one of the cringiest fighters in UFC history

    giorgio ciaravololgiorgio ciaravolol23 dagen geleden
  • Frank Shamrock tips his hat. Remember when he hit on that married guys wife on the show he was presenting. Some gym renovation show lol.

    Shade On A Cool DayShade On A Cool Day23 dagen geleden
  • This channel is really good.

    Shade On A Cool DayShade On A Cool Day23 dagen geleden
  • I'd say Tony wins, he even does weird stuff in tje octagon like rolls and the sand, just mental.

    Slavic SoulSlavic Soul26 dagen geleden
  • They are such great guys to listen to and to watch, always enjoyable and likeable. Only Perry I don't like, and it's not because he's black.

    Slavic SoulSlavic Soul26 dagen geleden
  • Yoel Romero it's not even a question. #soilderofgod.

    Cooper SummersCooper Summers27 dagen geleden
  • What about the goat artem?

    ali raidali raid27 dagen geleden
  • Tony hands down

    EG SoloEG Solo27 dagen geleden
  • Tony ferguson without a doubt 😁

    NEON BLUENEON BLUE27 dagen geleden
  • 1:07 my guy turned into Johnny Depp

    RECTO RectoRECTO Recto27 dagen geleden
  • YOEL there's no one even like him

    Burner BoyBurner Boy28 dagen geleden
  • Tony Forsure

    Kasper OrlandoKasper Orlando29 dagen geleden
  • Mike Perry is pretty fucking special mind 😂😂

    Countme 123Countme 123Maand geleden
  • The award should be named after Diego Sanchez because he’s the OG weird guy however tony takes the award this year easily.

    Maxxy DMaxxy DMaand geleden
  • Tony and Romero lmao

    Jesse PereraJesse PereraMaand geleden
  • "This is a rat race. But, I'm no rat. I'm a fucking turtle. Ninja Turtle. So which one's your favorite? I like Michelangelo." - Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson

    Eric CartmanEric CartmanMaand geleden
  • Perry vs Sanchez vs Ferguson presser have to happen

    Omar MoheedinOmar MoheedinMaand geleden
  • Where's Jared Cannonier and his Infinity stones.

    James MswenkoJames MswenkoMaand geleden
  • Honorably mention would be thugnasty

    nathana316nathana316Maand geleden
  • tony the type of guy that is above this list

    jahsilent1jahsilent1Maand geleden
  • tony the type of guy that is above this list

    jahsilent1jahsilent1Maand geleden
  • "How many yeas"!! " How Many Yeaaas"

    SuhpremeSuhpremeMaand geleden
  • Has to be Tony Ferguson after all those memes

    Shut upShut upMaand geleden
  • 2:11 had me crying

    dylan coledylan coleMaand geleden
  • It’s a rarity for someone to be able to actually do an Irish accent but I have to admit Tony’s was not bad at all

    Steven FitzgeraldSteven FitzgeraldMaand geleden
  • Yoel Romero is unique for the right reasons while some for the wrong reaons. You know who i got.. TUUUU TUU TUUU MM MM MM MM TUUU TUU TUU I GOT THE POWER

    Marcov SasaMarcov SasaMaand geleden
  • Gotta be tony

    Bazzil14Bazzil14Maand geleden
  • Teruto Ishihara is an underrated funny guy in MMA i believe

    El BoogeymanEl BoogeymanMaand geleden
  • Nah, actually tony is the type of guy whos gonna finish Michael chandler round 1 via decapitation

    CJx FLAMESCJx FLAMESMaand geleden
  • Tony and Diego. I mean they were both weird overall, but CTE is no joke, man. I laughed pretty hard, lads are gonna have problems once they are in their mid 40s-50s. Hope I'm wrong.

    Stoyan VatsevStoyan VatsevMaand geleden
  • I would have to say Diego Sanchez.

    Tetsuo311 on TwitchTetsuo311 on TwitchMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson is very weird

    Combat WorldCombat WorldMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to ankle pick a ninja turtle.

    em negridoem negridoMaand geleden
  • I met Mike Perry at a bar here in Orlando and I should have bought him a shot but then he ditched that bar to dance with a chick with a great ass

    Johnny LeeJohnny LeeMaand geleden
  • La Candela !

    Navneet ThapaNavneet ThapaMaand geleden
  • Its really a tough to choose among these Goats. I'd Mike perry is winner.

    Goat ManiaGoat ManiaMaand geleden
  • Tony or yoel, I yove that guy.

    Matthew LaunchburyMatthew LaunchburyMaand geleden
  • Salt Lake Bitchessss..... Baby 🤣🤣🤣

    Ryan McGuireRyan McGuireMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to stare at the sun to condition his eyes.

    Bad MashBad MashMaand geleden
  • Couldn't bring myself to subscribe yet after the missed opportunity to insert the Mike Perry scream/squealing at the weighins a couple years back

    O CO CMaand geleden
  • Diego

    Dominic RoybalDominic RoybalMaand geleden
  • “Deedy Bocsin”- Yoel “1897” Romero

    Pedro AfonsoPedro AfonsoMaand geleden
  • 100% tony! yoel is not even unique, diego is kinda unique but also a lot of it is brain damage and perry is just bipolar and crazy

    alexalexMaand geleden
  • Tony is love

    WardenWardenMaand geleden
  • Rockhold doesnt get at least an honorable mention?

    the RR showthe RR showMaand geleden
  • The CTE award

    DemocracyFor ThailandDemocracyFor ThailandMaand geleden
  • Yoel is just a guy leaning English, I would say Omalley Conor or Dom are more unique and unusual in how much confidence they have in themselves.

    Patrick GPatrick GMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson

    Ry-GuyRy-GuyMaand geleden
  • Tony he would like do training with his kid than wieghts XD

    JB MarkowiczJB MarkowiczMaand geleden
  • Honoraburu mention won it for me, btw nice mix, very diverse, even one african

    Darius GrantDarius GrantMaand geleden
  • possibly 1% AFRICAN mike perry !

    TheOriginal RudeBoyTheOriginal RudeBoyMaand geleden
  • 100% El Cucuy

    George FeldkampGeorge FeldkampMaand geleden
  • I am now convinced that you need a Teruto Ishihara video

    Ben PBen PMaand geleden
  • Charles “Krazy horse” Bennett

    anes nezanes nezMaand geleden
  • Please do one on Joshua Fabia 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ricky PuohotauaRicky PuohotauaMaand geleden
  • It's Yoel Romero and everyone remember him saying "Go for Jesus not for gay jesus"

    Kamel DAOUDIKamel DAOUDIMaand geleden
  • Tony "I'll ankle pick you" Ferguson

    Varrin VictrixVarrin VictrixMaand geleden
  • Its gotta be tony

    Max BrownsonMax BrownsonMaand geleden
  • Tony

    Vlad DrakVlad DrakMaand geleden
  • Casuals: Tony Ferguson Intellectuals: DIEGO SANCHEZ

    Don’t LieDon’t LieMaand geleden
  • This award should be called the Diego Sanchez award

    SpekeSpekeMaand geleden
  • Diego beats Tony in this category

    Tomaz ApatTomaz ApatMaand geleden
  • Honestly for some reason I understand them

    FighterFighterMaand geleden
  • Tony is the most Unique guy he gets the reward

    Miguel OrtizMiguel OrtizMaand geleden
  • Yoel Romero when he speaks english.

  • Tony 'give me sand' furgerson

    A-ZA-ZMaand geleden
  • the forgot Ismail Wallid

    Your Brand's NeedsYour Brand's NeedsMaand geleden
  • Fergusons is a way of life

    StarDroGeNStarDroGeNMaand geleden
  • Ferguson and Sanchez are both dangerously insane. God Bless 'em.

    Joseph FaughtJoseph FaughtMaand geleden
  • my vote goes for Romero! every single interview makes the world being more in the way that Yisus Cry wants hahahahahah

    -Diferent Cloud--Diferent Cloud-Maand geleden
  • HOW MANY YEAAAARS????!!!!!!

    CalSBCalSBMaand geleden
  • The weirdest fighters are usually the most exciting fighters haha

    Andrew ColemanAndrew ColemanMaand geleden
  • Definitely the ninja turtle

    Anthony WalkerAnthony WalkerMaand geleden
  • Appatently...not Chimaev...khabib wannabe

    x1910Polaroidx1910PolaroidMaand geleden
  • No doubt my vote goes to Tony El Cucuy Ferguson

    Dogus GrosuDogus GrosuMaand geleden