MMA Awards - Most Politically Correct Fighter in MMA

2 nov. 2020
110 010 Weergaven

Who is the most politically correct fighter in MMA?
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • I can't stop laughing 🤣

    Alfi RamadhanAlfi Ramadhan50 minuten geleden
  • Chael is the winner just because of the respect and courtesy he exhibited while talking about the people of Brazil.

    Brian CotterBrian Cotter10 uur geleden
  • Imagine if Nate diaz runs for president.

    Goat ManiaGoat Mania3 dagen geleden
  • Diaz so natural

    minirus MlKminirus MlK4 dagen geleden
  • He is right about joe rogan lol

    Ricardo CruzRicardo Cruz5 dagen geleden
  • Go for Jesus not for gay Jesus.🇨🇺

    John MaggroJohn Maggro7 dagen geleden
  • 🤦‍♂️nate diaz wearing suit lol

    AKA CompilationAKA Compilation7 dagen geleden
  • Stephen A. Smiths combo is legendary.

  • Couldn’t have S-... good job

    Kevin HernandezKevin Hernandez8 dagen geleden
  • Derrick Lewis is golden. Imma blast that ass LOL

    Maxi OhMaxi Oh9 dagen geleden
  • Where’s Colby Covington?

    G GG G9 dagen geleden
  • "Assalamu alaikum my niggas what's good" Nelson Mandela

    the son of karma podcastthe son of karma podcast10 dagen geleden
  • Rampage.

    John FidalgoJohn Fidalgo12 dagen geleden
  • Crying with laughter thank you

    NBancroftDrumsNBancroftDrums14 dagen geleden
  • Great channel but the videos are too short

    BanginOnFoolsBanginOnFools16 dagen geleden
  • Could have included Bisping calling Rockhold a f***ot.

    Suhail AhmedSuhail Ahmed18 dagen geleden
  • Missed Bisping saying "There's no Jesus"

    MilošMiloš19 dagen geleden
  • WAIT A MINUTE!!! You didn't include my boy Jason Mayhem Miller in a video about MMA fighters not being PC?? dare you sir

    Aaron GAaron G20 dagen geleden
  • don't forget brock lesnar

    The CribThe Crib21 dag geleden
  • Mike Perry

    Joshua PalaciosJoshua Palacios22 dagen geleden
  • Derrick Lewis should do stand up about mma after he’s done fighting

    Kevin LoganKevin Logan23 dagen geleden
  • Okay, you got my sub with this.👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Creative Learning NYCCreative Learning NYC24 dagen geleden
  • Derrick Lewis is the truth lool

    siilky johnsonsiilky johnson24 dagen geleden
  • DEREK LEWIS 10000000%

    Gino ValentinoGino Valentino24 dagen geleden
  • There you go, couldn't have sa.... Nice job. fk that got me

    OfficialModernOfficialModern24 dagen geleden
  • How is Tito not in here

    My reply is dumb But,My reply is dumb But,24 dagen geleden
  • "he told me go beat his ass don't be a bitch "

    Mike TorresMike Torres25 dagen geleden
  • Derrick Lewis is the people's champion.

    Tim DieboltTim Diebolt25 dagen geleden
  • Bruh wtf. “ you know it I could’ve just dropped her anytime” 🤣🤣

    MrMeatshotMrMeatshot26 dagen geleden
  • “Adesanya doesn’t like it when everyone’s not tickling his balls.” Well said

    TrinityTrinity26 dagen geleden
  • No one beats Chael though.

    Pogo The BearPogo The Bear26 dagen geleden
  • Rampage is one of the all-time greats.

    Pogo The BearPogo The Bear26 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Damaine GormanDamaine Gorman27 dagen geleden
  • 0:27 facts

    The GrimwizThe Grimwiz27 dagen geleden
  • Derrick Lewis...obviously

    Diego LopezDiego Lopez27 dagen geleden
  • Best MMA channel.

    TrifectaTrifecta27 dagen geleden
  • Michael Bisping because of his charisma and being transparent plus he’s a character!

    Mateusz GredesMateusz Gredes27 dagen geleden
  • I was expecting Rampage humping the reporter lol

    Ricardo MRicardo M27 dagen geleden

    ismael chavezismael chavez27 dagen geleden

    MINIMaxBOXINGMINIMaxBOXING27 dagen geleden
  • Mike Perry saying the N word

    Sadoronth BeldhamSadoronth Beldham28 dagen geleden
  • Rampage riding the little bicycle is a classic clip.

    Lee GibbsLee Gibbs28 dagen geleden
  • It's weird to see Nate in a suit even in thumbnail

    Kvs vijayKvs vijay28 dagen geleden
  • Technically....Tito is the most politically correct now...

    Ricky CastilloRicky Castillo28 dagen geleden
  • Gotta be Derrick Lewis.

    Adam 879711Adam 87971128 dagen geleden
  • balls is hot, what happen? Luis got cold balls now? The best is when fighters say what the fuck they want.

    Vienna BernsteinVienna Bernstein28 dagen geleden
  • Mike perry is the most pc and its not even close

    Cameron PitcherCameron Pitcher28 dagen geleden
  • You missed when rampage made that asian guy call himself a faggot

    Kyle BrownKyle Brown28 dagen geleden
  • Michael Bisping waaiu la candela 🤣🤣

    Donato TruchoDonato Trucho28 dagen geleden
  • Title: Most politically correct fighters *Sees Rampage Jackson in the thumbnail Yeah this one is going to be good.

    L PL P28 dagen geleden
  • Colby not being in here is a disservice

    P MannyP Manny28 dagen geleden
  • Where’s mike Perry???

    David RuizDavid Ruiz28 dagen geleden
  • Rampage no doubttttt

    carlos Roblescarlos Robles28 dagen geleden
  • V Datsik........

    DixieHighway 10, 10, 10'sDixieHighway 10, 10, 10's28 dagen geleden
  • Bisping

    MessyMike 33MessyMike 3328 dagen geleden
  • They put Diaz in a suit, I'm Dead

    Darren MccallumDarren Mccallum29 dagen geleden
  • Colby Covington

    Timmyboy505Timmyboy50529 dagen geleden
  • "Do you swallow or spit girl" - Luke 'Granite Chin' Rockhold

    Yes SirYes Sir29 dagen geleden
  • Crazy horse

    JEKARIJEKARI29 dagen geleden
  • nate looks fresh in a suit, he should wear them for real haha

    Fresh FowkzFresh Fowkz29 dagen geleden
  • Dude Bispings says 10 times more offensive stuff on his podcast

    BozzCOMMENTBozzCOMMENT29 dagen geleden
  • Old intro back !!!

    Suction Cup ManSuction Cup Man29 dagen geleden
  • RAMPAGE #1 P4P GOAT most feminist fighter ever

    george stamatelisgeorge stamatelis29 dagen geleden
  • Rampage Jackson PC, hell yes, and Derrick 🖕one for the feminist brigade.

    just send me locationjust send me location29 dagen geleden
  • How could you not add the fight where Nate said “this nigga took my chair”

    Metin Ege SalterMetin Ege Salter29 dagen geleden
  • The funniest part when Derrick Lewis says “my balls was hot” is when you can see Joe trying not to laugh and just responding with “ I understand”

    Josh22Josh2229 dagen geleden
  • Seeing nate in a suit gives off the same vibe like going to school at night

    Star LightStar Light29 dagen geleden
  • Nate said Don't be a bit go with that m***********'s a**

    Matthew NeuferMatthew Neufer29 dagen geleden
  • The hardest decision I can’t make

    Aaron RobinsonAaron Robinson29 dagen geleden

    SoyBoy69SoyBoy6929 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    Derek MarcucciDerek Marcucci29 dagen geleden
  • Why does nobody ever talk about 0:30 xDDDDDDD

    Julio GonzalezJulio Gonzalez29 dagen geleden
  • Bud hasn’t started but mike perry takes it

    white geekwhite geek29 dagen geleden
  • I mean Mike Perry literally uses the N-word

    keian rothkeian roth29 dagen geleden
  • can you make jon jones being fake?

    Boris StevanovicBoris Stevanovic29 dagen geleden
  • Gotta love rampage

    The DonThe Don29 dagen geleden
  • It’s “Politically Incorrect Fighters”. Unless it went over my head and your saying it ironically

    Zach HagenZach Hagen29 dagen geleden
  • Lmaoo Bisping saying he could have floored Cyborg with 1 shot on TV 😂😂😂😂 it’s gotta be him

    JBJB29 dagen geleden
  • GSP is actually the most politically correct fighter

    Andrew Wizard15Andrew Wizard1529 dagen geleden
  • This channel is going straight to the top!

    Dage6552Dage655229 dagen geleden
  • Believe you me baby boy!

    Brody N.Brody N.29 dagen geleden
  • Mike Perry!!!

    Marcus MiddletonMarcus MiddletonMaand geleden
  • Kalabib and Colby missing.

    Narek KhachatryanNarek KhachatryanMaand geleden
  • Lewis

    Storm WebbStorm WebbMaand geleden
  • Bro I f-ing love this channel lol 😂

    Jef VarnadoreJef VarnadoreMaand geleden
  • You also forgot the time when Chael didn't say he would smack Anderson Silva's mum on the ass and tell her to make him a steak medium rare, just how he likes it

    M PM PMaand geleden
  • obviously its rampage. dude literally started humping a reporter, how did u not include that lol

    habibbi alikafehabibbi alikafeMaand geleden
  • I would say Mike “2%” Perry but he is just a black man tryin to figure out his taxes problems

    Mike EhrmantrautMike EhrmantrautMaand geleden
  • These are pretty high contenders with each of their own style! Bisping's Upfront cockiness Derrick's Balls always spitting fire Chael's never needed to swear and made had mouthing an art in MMA. Nate spoke from the heart Rampage would never have survived today.

    Nicolas NoisetteNicolas NoisetteMaand geleden
  • 1:22 Wat did bisping say?

    ching chongching chongMaand geleden
  • How was Mike Perry not on this video?

    Harry HardwickHarry HardwickMaand geleden
  • Chael Sonnen makes me want to puke sadge

    Salty SenpaiSalty SenpaiMaand geleden
  • Where's tony Ferguson and his pal Michael Angelo the ninja turtle.

    LLMaand geleden
  • How did colby not make this compilation though 😳

    rishad mirrishad mirMaand geleden
  • Leaving out Mike Perry?

    Blade Master95Blade Master95Maand geleden
  • Nate diaz in a suit is the most politically correct thing ive ever seen

    watthehelizawingclipwatthehelizawingclipMaand geleden
  • Not saying this channel has gotten worse, because it hasn't...but I miss when Forrest was the admin

    Actually A CatActually A CatMaand geleden
  • Viacheslav Datsik. Most pc mma fighter

    CarVee LyfeStylzCarVee LyfeStylzMaand geleden
  • Bisping wins hands down