Khabib Nurmagomedov being a good guy

2 okt. 2020
119 008 Weergaven

Khabib is a very good guy!
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • While i’m on way to work* Me: Mype...mype...mype sports bitches...

    Alpha SulapasAlpha Sulapas9 dagen geleden
  • Usman got schooled didnt he

    Jeews SamJeews Sam13 dagen geleden
  • We got to see 2 of Marty Fake Newsman’s 24 personalities in this video within seconds of eachother 🤣

    Bill LeGrangeBill LeGrange23 dagen geleden
  • So Khabib what do you think of media ? Khabib “sometimes maybe good, and sometimes maybe shit”

    abdulrahman AAAabdulrahman AAA23 dagen geleden
  • Khabib the reason why my 7 year old baby girl wants to start MMA and I'm glad it's khabib she is taking as a hero a true real living legend

    halima ahmedhalima ahmed25 dagen geleden
  • mype sports bitches!

    Turan KaghanTuran Kaghan26 dagen geleden
  • such a humble and classy character

    CMACCMAC26 dagen geleden
  • Khabib is too authentic and real for UFC

    Wojtek DomadejWojtek DomadejMaand geleden
  • Lmao you put Connor’s coach in a Khabib video

    jesse jesjesse jesMaand geleden
  • Khabib don't have to bring a good guy cause he is

    Nasir OsmanNasir OsmanMaand geleden
  • Maturing as an MMA fan is realizing that Conor is the dickhead and Khabib is the good dude

    Nolan WittyNolan WittyMaand geleden
  • 2:22 Dana is just waiting for him with his arms open

    jhosias adrian huamani quispejhosias adrian huamani quispeMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to humble Kamaru Usman without even talking to him.

    lemkhalemkhaMaand geleden
  • Dork usman

    Sunil AnandSunil AnandMaand geleden
  • He jumped over the cage and I got scared....then he went and hugged Dana

    Steven FryeSteven FryeMaand geleden
  • I thought the last one was gonna be a twist or something

    J_SUPHAJ_SUPHAMaand geleden
  • he is trash as a human being

  • Such a dumb question 😂 1:30

    Angelo CazAngelo CazMaand geleden
  • Uploaded 4 days ago, just got notification -.-

    Qabron AQabron AMaand geleden
  • Khabin for next Russian president hoooooo

    Linh NguyenLinh NguyenMaand geleden
  • Damn , i cried

    Linh NguyenLinh NguyenMaand geleden
  • R.I.P Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov

    Dan SDan SMaand geleden
  • That reporter asking about Tony deserves a SLAP!

    Argentinian Red NeckArgentinian Red NeckMaand geleden
  • Marty fake newsman was laughing and then he shuted his butthole.

    Argentinian Red NeckArgentinian Red NeckMaand geleden
  • Wow! The impossible just happened and, I just became a big fan of the guy

    Walter RadtkeWalter RadtkeMaand geleden
  • 1:55 Damn just look at Usman, Makhachev and Azaitar, all laughing like little girls and khabib shows them what real class is

    Arazose - Fakten & SchockierendesArazose - Fakten & SchockierendesMaand geleden
  • This man should be the first fighter to win a Nobel Peace Prize for how great of a role model he is. Not just to kids but to everybody worldwide.

    Mike SMike SMaand geleden
  • I bet coach Kavanah is watching mype sports 24/7 since he's surely not training Conor 😂

    Mario Martin LozarMario Martin LozarMaand geleden
  • Khabib is the best

    InvictaInvictaMaand geleden
  • The funny thing is, he did made Conor humble.. Haha

    riga kentriga kentMaand geleden
  • Gaethje should never fight khabib.

    Heli ChishiHeli ChishiMaand geleden
  • That's a surprising end...

    Pardeep LongiaPardeep LongiaMaand geleden
  • Love this man tbh hes a rare picture of Virtue in this modern world

    Clips on ClipsClips on ClipsMaand geleden
  • Kamaru laughing at the reporters question regarding Tony’s mental health - shows you what kinda POS he is. Look how quickly he changes to nodding in agreement when he hears a *TRUE CHAMPION AND AMBASSADOR FOR THE SPORT* Khabib talking with nothing but respect and empathy for his colleague. Kamaru- you’re a good wrestler and decent striker, karma will find you soon. #khamzat #kharmzat

    adw4891adw4891Maand geleden
  • I am a Conor fan and I was so mad and cound not really like Khabib even tho I wanted to because he is so good but I couldn't because I was so mad that Conor lost. I just want to be a fan who rearly dislikes fighters. There all Awesone in some way. I wanna stop focuse on things I don't like. Conor and my other favorit fighters aren't perfect either. I just have to go way back and be this little kid again who was just facinated about the sport. I don't wanna be a fan that dislikes fightes just because they fight against another one of my favorites. I wanna be a good mma fan. And that's all I have to say about that.🙏🏾

    TS 00TS 00Maand geleden
  • The Most Humble athlets are Always the Best. Khabib Mike Tyson M. Ali Khamzat Messi Kobe Bryant Many Others.

    Daryl Dixon Rick GrimesDaryl Dixon Rick Grimes2 maanden geleden
    • Mike Tyson? Humble? Bruh..

      Underpaid RacerUnderpaid RacerMaand geleden
  • 1:50-1:57 Kamaru "YNW Melly" Usman

    Jack GonahieuJack Gonahieu2 maanden geleden
  • A bit weird to put Conor's coach at the intro of a video praising Khabib lol

    Mohamed Al AhmadaniMohamed Al Ahmadani2 maanden geleden
  • Khabib is a gift to sports and fans everywhere. So glad to have seen such a small window of such a complex individual.

    DivineDinosaurDivineDinosaur2 maanden geleden
  • Love this man

    CMACCMAC2 maanden geleden
  • I wish he wouldn't have attacked Conor's team. I lost some respect after that

    _ Honestly __ Honestly _2 maanden geleden
  • Smesh his face

    Swelta SweltaSwelta Swelta2 maanden geleden
  • Connor "Big Lez" McGregor.

    Lee GibbsLee Gibbs2 maanden geleden
  • My name is Conor mcgregor 😂

    Gael OrtegaGael Ortega2 maanden geleden
  • I’m with kabib all the way he’s n tyson r 2 fighters I want my son to look up too n learn techniques

    Gigi&Raj ProductionsGigi&Raj Productions2 maanden geleden
  • Class act. He is a good guy. Too damn good.

    Jeff ArcherJeff Archer2 maanden geleden
  • I could be on the verge of kms and when the outro come on I cant help but grove to the beat

    Sum bhoySum bhoy2 maanden geleden
  • Khabib's life is built on respect. Respect your parents, coaches, friends, coworkers, everyone. Whether they show you the same is no matter. In the end you aren't the one that has to pay for it

    YaboiShaunYaboiShaun2 maanden geleden
  • I love Khabib, but I hate that he's going to leave us soon, and this sport probably will never have another amazing champion and role model like him.

    Anónimo GTAnónimo GT2 maanden geleden
  • And Marty is the worst problem for UFC as a champ

    Aashish BudhathokiAashish Budhathoki2 maanden geleden
  • Mashallah

    mmssmmss2 maanden geleden
  • If everyone had the decency and respect Khabib had the world would be amazing.

    leon jocelynleon jocelyn2 maanden geleden
  • F john kavanah

    A1 GamebredA1 Gamebred2 maanden geleden
  • Coach Kavanagh in a video for khabib. Hmm

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh2 maanden geleden
  • Respect the lightweight king man c'mon 😂

    Lil EllieLil Ellie2 maanden geleden
  • Great guy, missing some content tho he gave homeless people money and exercise and the kids in Africa

    danny Macarthurdanny Macarthur2 maanden geleden
  • unman turned into brendan scaub real quick once khabib started talking about tony's mental health

    Rufus JeffersonRufus Jefferson2 maanden geleden
  • Such a good guy outside the cage and a savage inside the cage, a true martial artist and champion

    Oay NahpOay Nahp2 maanden geleden
  • Usman sucks

    TanTan2 maanden geleden
  • Damnit now I love khabib !!

    Tricera 999Tricera 9992 maanden geleden
  • I’d let khabib date my girl

    Smouve CouveSmouve Couve2 maanden geleden
  • Omg usman hahahahaha

    Clos MontanaClos Montana2 maanden geleden
  • Most respectable champion. Thanks Kahbib.

    Bare KnuckleBare Knuckle2 maanden geleden
  • Usman the final evolution of Twofacedneds

    Think unthoughtful thoughtsThink unthoughtful thoughts2 maanden geleden
  • Man I hated Khabib when I fist heard about him but I've watched him alot by now and wow !what a fucking great fighter and man ,very respectful very humble ,loves ma and pa and ill take him over conner any day!

    Hime escabarHime escabar2 maanden geleden
  • 1:51 What a snake goes from laughing to shaking his head up and down agreeing with the champ.

    Dr. Hannibal LecterDr. Hannibal Lecter2 maanden geleden
  • Usman laughing at Tony potentially having mental health problems, guy’s fake and a clown

    JDJD2 maanden geleden
  • Khabib is a true babyface, big fan.

    Dope DroodDope Drood2 maanden geleden
  • He has such great energy in him. I hate that most big name fighters feel like they need to add cheap ass trash talk to the mix. To me, MMA is good without the stupid shit talking. It's about respect, and as a beginning mixed martial artist, it's one of the first thing they teach you. Save the shit talk for people who deserve it and keep it out of the sport.

    alien demon thing ?alien demon thing ?2 maanden geleden
  • Usman is such a bitch...God pls let someone beat him..we deserve a better champ

    kamran qadrikamran qadri2 maanden geleden
  • Top bloke would 100% buy him a pint

    C CC C2 maanden geleden
  • Khabib AlhamdulilahSendMeLocation Nurmagomedov

    envy beatsenvy beats2 maanden geleden
  • Imagine if Justin just runs out and power doubles khabib right of the bell

    Sachin PathySachin Pathy2 maanden geleden
  • 2:21 , Dana thought hes comming for him like he came for Danis.....🤣 Almost shit his pants, propably did...🤣👍

    Sejo BotonjicSejo Botonjic2 maanden geleden
  • Jump the cage make homeless man go pushups 😐

    Khabib and McGregor fanKhabib and McGregor fan2 maanden geleden
  • One thing you have to respect when a stupid reporter said that tony was mental had issues etc and Usman laughed like an idiot khabib defended him and said that we should help him if it’s true but idk and leave such questions out

    Dragon BladeDragon Blade2 maanden geleden
  • the only thing bad about hus videos are that theyre tooo small (2mins) .. excellent content

    gandu jigandu ji2 maanden geleden
  • GOAT ❤️

    Liam ReynoldsLiam Reynolds2 maanden geleden
  • When I'm not busy sleeping I'm waking up to watch Mype Sports 😂

    Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia2 maanden geleden
  • 0:26 xD omfg

    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!2 maanden geleden
  • Khabib bathed with his entire team, what makes u think he didn't bathe with his dad every given opportunity?

    Jack CoughJack Cough2 maanden geleden
  • You talk shit now huh.

    busted bladerbusted blader2 maanden geleden
  • I like that the russian childrens have this guy as a role model. Such good character

    Brandon VirayBrandon Viray2 maanden geleden
  • Waktunya untuk kalah tahun ini

    abdul wahidabdul wahid2 maanden geleden
  • Ganged up on artem and I did not like it. I live in a muslim majority city. This shit rubbed me the wrong way.

    Lobsang TsetanLobsang Tsetan2 maanden geleden
  • What a beauty

    Rupin SRRupin SR2 maanden geleden
  • kamaru part the funniest thing ive ever seen

    nickhitalicknickhitalick2 maanden geleden
  • That Dana "*laughs* isn't he fucking awesome" clip was needed after the last clip.

    Yves HeinrichYves Heinrich2 maanden geleden
  • Usman not a great champion you know?

    Harvy ArmadaHarvy Armada2 maanden geleden
  • Day 1 of asking mype sports to make “Diego Sanchez having CTE”

    know kneedknow kneed2 maanden geleden
  • Dana shat himself when Khabib jumped the cage

    Cullen JayCullen Jay2 maanden geleden
  • The absolute GOAT by miles

    Andres JimenezAndres Jimenez2 maanden geleden
  • Putting Coach Kavenough on a Khabib video, real smooth Mype, real smooth

    Michael HendersonMichael Henderson2 maanden geleden
  • Im someone who started watching mma because of conor and still a huge fan of him , but man it's hard to not admire khabib as a fighter or as a person , i really hope he does retire undefeated

    Jess JayJess Jay2 maanden geleden
  • Thanks Khabib....ohh thanks mype sports...

    Chingri MungreiChingri Mungrei2 maanden geleden
  • Nice, intro with the rival of khabib

    Meryam JaberMeryam Jaber2 maanden geleden
  • 1:46 is my favorite Khabib moment

    Drebo DollazDrebo Dollaz2 maanden geleden
  • Marty fake newsman...

    SwazzyJaySwazzyJay2 maanden geleden