Jorge Masvidal & Colby Covington - Best Friends?

29 okt. 2020
106 053 Weergaven

Best friends turn enemies, friendships are very important you guys!
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • is this wee?

    RITHIN DAS RA1711002010456RITHIN DAS RA1711002010456Dag geleden
  • They are best friends. This is a set up, Jorge said that they were talking about how they were going to make their money.

    Augustus GAugustus G2 dagen geleden
  • 2:00 fun fact: Covington actually put up a fight

    Enrique PiñaEnrique Piña2 dagen geleden
  • Woo!

    Gel MibsonGel Mibson2 dagen geleden
  • Man, I just want them to be friends again.

    Matt TammaroMatt Tammaro3 dagen geleden
  • Dammit

    Gergo LányiGergo Lányi4 dagen geleden
  • It really is tragic how they turned enemies just because of a character

    AD CAD C5 dagen geleden
  • I'm actually rewatching this cause I just cant get over this beautiful thing that was destroyed. I'd die for a friend like that(not a trump supporter though lmfao). I wouldn't be surprised if they both cried when they fight.

    Kevin del BustoKevin del Busto7 dagen geleden
  • I love that guy more than I love myself, GOD DAMN WHAT HAPPENED TO BOTH OF YOU!

    Nate KalixNate Kalix7 dagen geleden
  • Thunder Buddies

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper8 dagen geleden
  • $ell Tho$e Ticket$

    AJRasAJRas8 dagen geleden
  • honestly, it's obvious Colby "sold his soul for the dollar", watch Mixedmollywhopped's video on him, its pretty eye-opening.

  • K

    Another brick In A WallAnother brick In A Wall9 dagen geleden
  • I wanna see this more than Connor and Dustin

    Logan KennedyLogan Kennedy9 dagen geleden
  • Can’t wait to see this fight. I want Masvidal to win but if they go to the ground then it’s over for Jorge. I wonder if this is all a ploy for more money tho

    Squada BingoSquada Bingo9 dagen geleden

    Tk3300Tk330011 dagen geleden
  • That whole video had me like aww 😥 at the beginning lmfao

    Kevin del BustoKevin del Busto15 dagen geleden
  • I think the beef is real. If it was fake, Colby wouldn't be switching gyms. He had issues with not only Jorge but Dustin and Joanna at ATT

    Jimmy LeJimmy Le20 dagen geleden
  • I feel like both this guys got stoned one nite watched some WWE and both came up wit these 2 personas Masvidal is like Razor Ramon and Colby is like Kurt Angle.

    SlymongoosetrySlymongoosetry20 dagen geleden
  • Colby put his entire soul into that “Next”

    Manny1kManny1k22 dagen geleden
  • Maybe real enemies were the best friends we made along the way?

    s fs f22 dagen geleden
  • Please dont cry Forrest Griffin

    Boogie Thug RoseBoogie Thug Rose22 dagen geleden
  • I want to see them in TUF against each other.

    Why is the rum gone?Why is the rum gone?23 dagen geleden
  • Would you love to see a “TJ and Cody: best friends?”

  • The beef is obviously just a storyline

    McKinley HerronMcKinley Herron26 dagen geleden
  • Colby owed he and Jorges coach money and after Colby won the IC and left their gym he still wouldn't pay their coach so Jorge talked to Colby about it, Colby got mad and he told Jorge not to interfere and after that things escalated.

    Bixie AnthristBixie Anthrist27 dagen geleden
    • @Sasquatch no they didn't think about the timeline moron. I'm tired of ill informed and negative idiots like you arguing with every comment they see. Off you go.

      Bixie AnthristBixie Anthrist25 dagen geleden
    • He was beefing with him well before that.

      SasquatchSasquatch25 dagen geleden
  • Plot twist: they're best friends now more than ever, they're just on a plan to make their bank accounts great again

    Faisal HiyasatFaisal Hiyasat27 dagen geleden
  • Their beef is fake, not that i'm complaining. I think each of them sends the other what they want them to say about them. Like Masvidal tells Colby what Colby should say about Masvidal, and Colby tells Masvidal what Masvidal should say about Colby.

    Mohammed Sadey SalmiMohammed Sadey Salmi28 dagen geleden
  • Masvidal got some Trump money

    babbafucbabbafuc28 dagen geleden
  • Wrestling fans b like..... Do you guys really not know a work when you see one? Damn Dana is going hollywood with his angles..

    Nicholas JohnsenNicholas Johnsen29 dagen geleden
  • We love Mype Sports

    Vv PVv P29 dagen geleden
  • They are calling jorge masvidal or horhor masvidal?? Wth is. Going on? Am i. Going deaf?

    Unholy ShhitUnholy Shhit29 dagen geleden
  • I actually like they’re little bromance/beef. I hope once they get that fight, they go back to being friends.

    Gabriel HuinquezGabriel Huinquez29 dagen geleden
  • I think they are still good friends on the low and they’re just marketing their upcoming fight, that’s why masvidal is best friends with trump rn

    IvanthrxzIvanthrxzMaand geleden
  • Honestly it makes me sick how colby sold out his friendship just to try to make money and be controversial

    Jesse ChavezJesse ChavezMaand geleden
  • And now Masdival is a Trump supporter, so time to be buddies again. The circle is complete.

    USMCLPUSMCLPMaand geleden
  • the fart noise tho

    Darius RdotDarius RdotMaand geleden
  • The UFC is selling y’all wolf tickets and y’all eating em right up. Fake beef

    Julio GonzalezJulio GonzalezMaand geleden
  • Fake or not Colby a rat

    This GuyThis GuyMaand geleden
  • Friends s11 e01 2020 Masvidal: he cheated on me, we broke up ! Covington: WE WERE ON A BREAK !!!

    joshko666joshko666Maand geleden
  • Man all jokes aside it really pains me to see such great friends who would've once taken a bullet for the other now hate each other to the core. It's sad that Colby couldn't watch Jorge get so much fame and attention all of a sudden and it made him jealous to the point that he started bashing Jorge on the internet. I feel for Jorge as I had a similar friend once who I considered a brother but he turned to be an absolute snake in the grass at the end of it all.

    Khal DrogoKhal DrogoMaand geleden
  • If you believe Colby is below you then fight him! I personally think Colby would easily win!

    Emily WeeksEmily WeeksMaand geleden
  • The whole beef is all a WORK to make some cash!!!!!!!!

    Nadav DreweNadav DreweMaand geleden
  • I bet they both coach on the next tuf

    Ngati WarriorNgati WarriorMaand geleden
  • Relax guys, its all for show

    Leon NestestogLeon NestestogMaand geleden
  • Colby ripped off Jorge’s coach so that’s why they ain’t friends.

    Sadoronth BeldhamSadoronth BeldhamMaand geleden
  • "come and see me in the octagon" Colby's favourite phrase

    Kuandyk SanzharKuandyk SanzharMaand geleden
  • They need to fight. Both got their ass handed by us man (Colby a little less so)

    Freya murtemFreya murtemMaand geleden
  • I'd love to see Jorge beat the absolute shit out of Colby Racist Bootlicker Covington

    Luke HarmanLuke HarmanMaand geleden
  • I hope they reconcile after trhy fight

    jay beejay beeMaand geleden
  • Extremely fake beef but makes for a good bit of hype

    DoloDoloMaand geleden
  • Dana can make a MAGA belt, and these two cultists can compete for Trump's love.

    Roodles PoodlesRoodles PoodlesMaand geleden
    • Lmao

      mata otakusmata otakusMaand geleden
  • "Love whom you love mildly, perhaps he will become hateful to you someday. Hate whom you hate mildly, perhaps he will become your beloved someday.” - guess who said it?

    Be-LEAVER _19Be-LEAVER _19Maand geleden
  • wonder whose pitching and whose catching?

    Billy JeanBilly JeanMaand geleden
  • Please make them the coaches of the next TUF

    Caine FraserCaine FraserMaand geleden
  • This fight is gonna be bigger then tito chuck 1. Can't wait

    Roe JoganRoe JoganMaand geleden
  • They still are friends you guys are just being fooled

    Ring of fireRing of fireMaand geleden
  • Petition to make a video about Khamzat or Khabib being quiet and scary

    Jizz KhalifaJizz KhalifaMaand geleden
  • Dang Mype you got me all in my feels now

    It is what it isIt is what it isMaand geleden
  • this video confuses me at my core

    808 Motives808 MotivesMaand geleden
  • Such a shame they had to ruin their friendship for money

    HereAndNow PhilosopheeHereAndNow PhilosopheeMaand geleden
  • The battle for daddy trump’s love

    Daniel AckDaniel AckMaand geleden
  • Fight game aside it's pretty ridiculous to throw away a friendship like that , Colby wrestle fucks masvidal 100% tho

    metalheadbluesmetalheadbluesMaand geleden
  • Jorge masvidal looks like he can be in one of those it's so easy a caveman could have done it commercials

    dennis bryandennis bryanMaand geleden
  • 😭😭 I know how it’s like to lose a friends and become enemies

    Battlerocket 900Battlerocket 900Maand geleden
  • I think colby really liked a girl but he's weird, awkward and has no game masvidal probably knew he liked this girl and ended up sleeping with her

    Eduardo NavarroEduardo NavarroMaand geleden
  • i enjoyed the fart

    Tania DicesareTania DicesareMaand geleden
  • What’s interesting about this fight is that Colby is probably the better all around fighter but Jorge was prob more of the leader of the two when they were friends so he could have a psychological edge on Colby 🤔

    TrinityTrinityMaand geleden
  • Mr. Masvidal and the real Trump friend. The only BMF and King of Miami

    Carlos BrazaoCarlos BrazaoMaand geleden
  • Kinda sad they’re not friends anymore Ngl

    Jarel17-Jarel17-Maand geleden
  • Lmao at that scream from Colby at the end

    Banes BroBanes BroMaand geleden
  • I hope this is just for the money and they end being friends again

    ethan drewethan drewMaand geleden
  • Nobody: Colby Covington : STREET JUDASSSSSSSS

    Pico RiveiriaPico RiveiriaMaand geleden
  • I’ll believe Trump knows the Art of the Deal, when he signs that Colby-Jorge Peace Deal.

    Noel Pa'llNoel Pa'llMaand geleden
  • ayoo :'(

    rick guillermorick guillermoMaand geleden
  • In an interview with Jorge at some point back he said the reason for the split was Colby not paying one of their coaches who Jorge is very close to (I believe Paulino Hernandez but I could be wrong) which is what ultimately caused the friction. Sad to see.

    VinVinMaand geleden
  • 0:19 thats the saddest shit ive ever heard

    richtofen 115richtofen 115Maand geleden
  • I like my mma without storylines

    Filthy OgreFilthy OgreMaand geleden
  • Bro this is the most dramatic video you have post to this day. I teared up in the best friends part. 😢

    em negridoem negridoMaand geleden
  • Im so sad :'(

    Libo senLibo senMaand geleden
  • Kinda sucks to see them turn ennemies

    Brian RamirezBrian RamirezMaand geleden
  • I seriously think they're still friends and their beef is just for show. Both of them have said that ufc drama is all for show multiple times.

    HydraHydraMaand geleden
  • This legit breaks my heart.

    teddyxxixteddyxxixMaand geleden
  • These 2 knows with the rise of Conor, Khabib, Israel, Jon Jones, Nganou, etc...they don't have much time left so they play together to make a big payday

    The CeltThe CeltMaand geleden
  • I thought mype sports was supposed to be comedy this shit made me cry

    FADED '03FADED '03Maand geleden
  • getting to the point where both are successful enough to create a fake beef for a big draw should be all of our aspirations with our best friends

    N8 CN8 CMaand geleden
  • Colby watches this once a blue moon and sheds a tear, im sure of it! Masvidal called him out for being a sensitive guy.

    Ari GoldAri GoldMaand geleden
  • that was really sad seeing them go their separate ways

    ChrisChrisMaand geleden
  • two loser trumptards.

    Clot-in-Eye JoeClot-in-Eye JoeMaand geleden

    y dy dMaand geleden
  • im fcking crying RN guys i love you MYPE SPORTS I LOVE YOU

    s marzs marzMaand geleden
  • Money hype, they both learned the art of the hustle and how to sucker in the crowds .. When they make the money from this slice of drama they will high five and piss themselves laughing.

    BLITZKRIEG 74BLITZKRIEG 74Maand geleden
  • If the BMF belt isn’t on the line this time they may as well get rid of it, fake belt.

    Callum WelshCallum WelshMaand geleden
  • it's just for money..behind camera they are still best friend

    Audi AudiAudi AudiMaand geleden
  • Colby would lose VS Masvidal.

    Theo IrvingTheo IrvingMaand geleden
  • They are friends calm down

    tj Matustj MatusMaand geleden

    Arae RcArae RcMaand geleden
  • They were already buddies then they playin a part for money still buddies

    Cup 666Cup 666Maand geleden
  • What do they hate eachother now?

    YeYeMaand geleden
  • Ariel saying he feels sad for Jorge while smiling to his face.

    Rob The Vampire SlayerRob The Vampire SlayerMaand geleden