Joanna Jedrzejczyk being a bully..

7 aug. 2020
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Joanna Jedrzejczyk being a bully..
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  • Joanna and Claudia should kiss already

    Suhail AhmedSuhail AhmedDag geleden
  • why is she always soo mad :(

    Luka PrelcecLuka Prelcec3 dagen geleden
  • 2:38 she looks like the tribal chief in the movie called "the green inferno", im not joking

    Manhatan AntonietteManhatan Antoniette8 dagen geleden
  • The funniest thing is yankis making fun of other people speaking English when didn't know even a sentence in another language. Is that not ignorant? haha

    Samir SabagSamir Sabag15 dagen geleden
  • Most successful strawweight champ of all time Girl deserves some respect

    David PDavid P16 dagen geleden
  • Great fighter female but I never like the she carry her self the way she treats people or fighter is fucking stupid

    Jose AsotoJose Asoto17 dagen geleden
  • You can laugh but some people who aren't into MMA watch it just for JJ!

    Andrei LukyanovAndrei Lukyanov21 dag geleden
  • Holy shit that beginning where Joanna is a fucking alien was hilarious. Well done.

    Joe SizlackJoe Sizlack21 dag geleden
  • Polish Powerette is still a beast. Wow. Both of em. Boogie woman is coming for you. Lol. Her and Yan "sure, a Jon Jones...ahh...why not?" Blachowicz make me proud to be Polish. Let's be real I'm American, but you know what I mean. Lol.

    Josh DutczakJosh Dutczak21 dag geleden

    Sergio GoncalvesSergio Goncalves23 dagen geleden
  • Sounds like she got declined by the customer and she keeps coming back to lower the price

    Gonzo BallsGonzo Balls24 dagen geleden

    planb4321 xiongplanb4321 xiong25 dagen geleden
  • glad rose destroyed her

    Walking LifeWalking Life27 dagen geleden
  • This was so stupid. Look at her today. The most humble girl in the world. But she had to be schooled first by Rose before she changed her attitude. I hated her attitude but today i like her very much Everyone cant be MCGregor

    Bobby Di BernadoBobby Di Bernado28 dagen geleden
  • is she conor mc gregor ?

    NazhirNazhir29 dagen geleden
  • What about Eddie Bravo? He bullied Joana by mispronouncing her last name😅

    Celín ReyesCelín ReyesMaand geleden
    • Honestly, I haven't heard anyone ever pronounce her name correctly; even the commentary teams.

      SubverterSubverter21 dag geleden
  • 2:36Lol😂

    Steve KarinaSteve KarinaMaand geleden
  • The intro is bullying

    Grim ReeferGrim ReeferMaand geleden
  • JJ: “blah blah blah blah” Weili: “Shut up 🙂” Oh shit I didn’t expect this video to be so funny 😆

    Best BoiBest BoiMaand geleden
  • Is that the reason why kate up doesnt talk?

    hima cloudhima cloudMaand geleden
  • Por fin le taparon el hocico a esta polaca soberbia y arrogante y de una manera humillante, rose la nockeo y la dejo más fea, Valentina la humilló dándole clases de boxeo, takedowns y muaythai y la weili le saco su verdadera apariencia de Alien jajajaja

    D. ChvezD. ChvezMaand geleden
  • I think she and mctapper shares the same fans

    OmgwtflmaololrotflOmgwtflmaololrotflMaand geleden
  • This fighter is a joke i hope never see again in any contest

    morlox 000morlox 000Maand geleden
  • bah.... the ppv create this shit... honestly its pitiful to see

    Rick TaylorRick TaylorMaand geleden
  • Bride of talkingshitstein

    Lori ShellmanLori ShellmanMaand geleden
  • 额头好点了吗?

    Bing WangBing WangMaand geleden
  • 😂😂🤣

    Altamont DarbyAltamont DarbyMaand geleden
  • JOASIA szat ap, plis XD. Dys ys wery embarasing tu si yt...

    Martika's kitchenMartika's kitchenMaand geleden
  • 0:58 Edgie Brah trying to pronounce her name is so funny 😂

    PaulPaulMaand geleden
  • Namajunas send that witch to the real world

    Eze quielEze quielMaand geleden
  • l'm so sorry for her mother Joanna is a garbage person and racist she recive a lot good corrections from that time and l'm so glad. she deserve more she better go far away from UFC they don't need person like that

    alain diskalain diskMaand geleden
  • When you're not cute, you're going to pick on the cute people because u have a lot of bitterness and anger inside.

    BA CBA CMaand geleden
  • Memes lmfao

    ShernonShernonMaand geleden
  • 👽 👽

    Shane SilvaShane SilvaMaand geleden
  • She looks like a straight 👽 alien

    Shane SilvaShane SilvaMaand geleden
  • this is why trans gender men shouldn't be aloud to compete with woman.

    CoolnicknameguyCoolnicknameguyMaand geleden
  • Is she an alien ? hER HEAD LOOKED ALIEN ?

    derealove Survivalderealove SurvivalMaand geleden
  • Aren't you guys just being bullies by making this about her? I mean you could include most fighters here, Meisha has talk shit before, Rose, Ferguson, Dos anjos, Israel. This just feels like a bunch of cucks that want a Namajunas Onlyfans

    BrawnyLionBrawnyLionMaand geleden
  • I love everyone got on Rose bandwagon after acting like they never liked Joanna when they were literally saying Rose wasn't ready for her. LOL Incoming "I never liked Joanna blah blah yada yada".

    Seminole GamerSeminole GamerMaand geleden
  • in that business where you take the brutal risks and the company takes all your money then so be it. if you get more views it is okay in that setting

    ConnorConnorMaand geleden
  • That stupid behavior got her

    Márcio CruzMárcio CruzMaand geleden
  • Her attitude is as ugly as her face

    Straight Talk 77Straight Talk 77Maand geleden
  • This So-Called bully has had her mouth shut for her a couple of times now

    Cryogenix Old SkoolCryogenix Old SkoolMaand geleden
  • I like how she looked like the elephant girl after running her mouth!

    Noah CTNoah CTMaand geleden
  • Joanna “51Area” jerdaycheck

    eric cartmaneric cartmanMaand geleden
  • This is adorable. It’s like when they teach squirrels to waterski.

    The 401KThe 401KMaand geleden
  • Za dużo mówiła , tak się kończy klepanie jęzorem . Pewność buduje się przez spokój 🤪

    Artur WisArtur WisMaand geleden
  • Jedrzejczyk, the female prick.

    courrierdeboiscourrierdeboisMaand geleden
  • She is good at bully

    Ng YangNg YangMaand geleden
  • She was a bully but bullies get found out rose twice the first fight she was done easy

    Bryan WattBryan WattMaand geleden
  • Once an asshole, always an asshole👽

    Robert LofranoRobert LofranoMaand geleden
  • Boogie woman😃

    Illiad mcswainIlliad mcswainMaand geleden

    Dek-TroniksDek-TroniksMaand geleden
  • Wicked witch of the west.

    William DaviesWilliam DaviesMaand geleden
  • Joanna you moron

    brian denverbrian denverMaand geleden
  • I think i have a 1 month loyalty badge lol

    acemadeacemadeMaand geleden
  • She was intimidating until Rose destroyed her.

    Brady NealBrady NealMaand geleden
  • like a child

    Tu GreenawayTu GreenawayMaand geleden
  • Cah wedok cangkeman, mentolo tak tapok karo entong ae

    Barlian NasukhaBarlian NasukhaMaand geleden
  • Star trek galaxy 🤣🤣🤣

    Tomek DomekTomek DomekMaand geleden
  • One and only JJ

    AricOGAricOGMaand geleden
  • 👧🏻+👩🏻=👽

    Daniel SolorioDaniel SolorioMaand geleden
  • 0:04 is given me a nightmare

    pepe Landerospepe LanderosMaand geleden
  • What a JOKE this girl is... Now, she’s a “Has Been”... No one is talking about her anymore...

    Luis AlcaláLuis AlcaláMaand geleden
  • She couldn't intimidate rose or weili even if her life depended on it

    Joelson SabadoJoelson SabadoMaand geleden
  • Bully got revert 100% her face much better i guess 😂😂😂😂😀😜😜

    shiraz army rude boy lankanshiraz army rude boy lankanMaand geleden
  • Joanna is one ugly bitch.

    Robert KaighinRobert KaighinMaand geleden
  • she sucks as a human being....and everything else....will be creepy homeless woman one day...

    gary sublettgary sublettMaand geleden
  • She became the elephant man

    JiigsawluckyduckJiigsawluckyduckMaand geleden
  • Bogey woman was never the same after her boob job 😂

    Jabz N9Jabz N9Maand geleden
  • 2:08 uff, is it just me or..? anyone else?

    JoaniMasterJoaniMasterMaand geleden
  • Joanna is such a classless beach. I take joy in all the bearings she has received lately. Hopefully there are more coming her way.

    Coach DCoach DMaand geleden
  • Good fighter with terrible attitude. Good when she loses

    GGMaand geleden
  • Zhang finished joana jyntkymktmdkdndjyysyyjydtdyysyyhsyhsb career

    khaven khokhaven khoMaand geleden
  • The boogie man HAHAHA

    Larry PalomaresLarry PalomaresMaand geleden
  • Joanna is a joke.

    sn3ificationsn3ificationMaand geleden
  • She is the biggest bully with no talent she didn't show anything good yet this might never happen

    ZolidTech HDZolidTech HDMaand geleden
  • So.....what happened?

    DialatedPupilsDialatedPupilsMaand geleden
  • Idc I love JJ she’s my fav

    Leah LawrenceLeah LawrenceMaand geleden
  • Be crazy she do all that talking and get her ass kicked almost everytime

    Louis McarthurLouis McarthurMaand geleden
  • Clearly joanna took some kind powerful drugs to help her in the fight, no fighter could have taken so much beating without backing off due to pain,, so weiling had to keep punching her ... until her head become so swollen.... joanna cheated,, but still lost... lol

    lim eddielim eddieMaand geleden
  • The thumbnail and the start😂

    rosscoboscorosscoboscoMaand geleden
  • She is an asshole who cannot take defeat, makes excuses. Sit the fuck down and get your gob in check.

    Russy WRussy WMaand geleden
  • She's cringe af but also a complete psychopath.

    SubspicionSubspicionMaand geleden
  • She being a bully i bet she won't talk that bullying BS to ronda rousey gabbi garcia an amanda nunez she get tossed

    cleveland antwinecleveland antwineMaand geleden
    • Ronda lol

      MR e TMR e TMaand geleden
  • I just can't never forget her forehead.🤕

  • kek dana jumping in, he wanna be part of that lesbian action

    ☆ Star™ ☆☆ Star™ ☆Maand geleden
  • In summary, Rose exposed Joanna twice. Joanna’s mystic is gone-just like Rhonda Rousey’s mystic.

    Arthur MillerArthur MillerMaand geleden
    • @Arthur Miller Yes, Exactly, and Yeah you said it best, Tyson Fury even said it: "every fighter and/has their boogeyman."

      III Hassan HamroushIII Hassan Hamroush21 dag geleden
    • @III Hassan Hamroush: Yes, it seems you grasp the point I made. In the same sense, Tyson Fury took some of Wilder’s mystic away.

      Arthur MillerArthur Miller21 dag geleden
    • @Arthur Miller Oh, I get it now, when you say "Rose exposed her and beat he twice, and her mystic is gone" then you probably mean that she's now Breakable when Rose beat her twice, and that she's now has been exposed and fighters can beat her/Break her, now, as also as I Saw from so many people, they thought that she was that invincible fighter that Can't be Beaten, and can't figured out, but now she is (She can be beaten) like you're saying, isn't that what you mean? Also sorry for messing that point/not understanding it, because when Also Ali Abdelaziz said that the Conor mystic is gone, and that Khabib took it, locked it, buried it, burned it, done, I thought with what he said that Conor won't be a champion, so I thought the same thing about Joanna, but thank you for making me understand the meaning of "Mystic" or "Mystic is gone", something like that, thank you 👍👍

      III Hassan HamroushIII Hassan Hamroush21 dag geleden
    • @III Hassan Hamroush: Again, you miss the point. Mystic refers to how she is perceived by other fighters and the viewing public. Before Joanna’s loss to Rose, she was viewed as unbeatable. That perception is gone. She is still a great fighter. And she could be champion again. Time will tell.

      Arthur MillerArthur Miller21 dag geleden
    • @Arthur Miller So you mean that she won't be a Champion again?

      III Hassan HamroushIII Hassan Hamroush21 dag geleden
  • She looks like she is on high drugs and didn't have sleep for a month 2:37

    Gaurang NalawadeGaurang NalawadeMaand geleden
  • this girls got demons

    Foster chanceFoster chanceMaand geleden
  • Lmao I’m dead

    Ishmael CIshmael CMaand geleden
  • What a damn ugly bully!!!

    Guy ParrisGuy ParrisMaand geleden
  • Joanna, ugly and a aweful.

    Jess MartinezJess MartinezMaand geleden
  • Never liked her

    K.M. SmithK.M. SmithMaand geleden
  • Just to suffer 😂

    Char OGChar OGMaand geleden
  • The uhh..... the meh meh’s 😂

    Pure GoldPure GoldMaand geleden
  • I am no an animal.

    JOL JOLJOL JOLMaand geleden
  • So shittalking is now bullying?...everyone so ghey and sensitive now.

    Harold FliteHarold FliteMaand geleden
  • Joanna looked like the elephant man after the weili fight.

    superglou913 Gomezsuperglou913 GomezMaand geleden
  • Ridiculous!

    CHiliVanilli RushCHiliVanilli RushMaand geleden