Jared Cannonier being spiritual

26 okt. 2020
57 072 Weergaven

Jared Cannonier being Spiritual
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • This guy might not be in the best career for his mind

    KerioFiveKerioFive19 dagen geleden
  • Jared is the type of kid who thought he was a greek philosopher after going to just one class of philosophy 101

    András BelinaAndrás Belina21 dag geleden
  • I hate it when adults are too into computer games. When your talking about them this much, your playing them too much.

    Jay DanielsJay Daniels22 dagen geleden
  • The fu*k is he talking about?! 🤣

    Prince SmithPrince Smith22 dagen geleden
  • I have power over the entire universe

    JaredJared25 dagen geleden
  • if most of the world is religious, this is more rational.

    red snflrred snflr25 dagen geleden
  • Love this dude

    DCLXVI_89 gamingDCLXVI_89 gaming26 dagen geleden
  • He's trying to sell it so hard

    like a BAWSElike a BAWSE27 dagen geleden
  • This is unreal

    Phil SummervillePhil Summerville27 dagen geleden
  • dudes wack

    Brett MorrisBrett Morris29 dagen geleden
  • Joe Rogan needs to get him on JRE

    Chen Taiwan JOJOChen Taiwan JOJOMaand geleden
  • He has power over the entire universe aside from Bobby Knuckles

    Booty FalconBooty FalconMaand geleden
  • Dude clearly watches too much Joe Rogan

    joe norwayjoe norwayMaand geleden
  • Guy said he wants surpass Bruce Lee, How you can't respekt that

    Goat ManiaGoat ManiaMaand geleden
  • He’ll be the next Joshua Fabia School of self awareness descendent

    TrinityTrinityMaand geleden
  • Ja Rule Cannonier

    Steve BoothSteve BoothMaand geleden
  • Yo this guy doesnt take DMT, DMT takes Jared

    Absolute UnitAbsolute UnitMaand geleden
  • This guy is super likeable.

    eastoneastonMaand geleden
  • He looks alot like Kevin heart

    uzair imranuzair imranMaand geleden
  • This man is more spiritual than my 23 year old white niece

    C WhipC WhipMaand geleden
  • One of very few woke ufc fighters manifesting to find guidance towards his higher self 🙏 props

    Savage MowgliSavage MowgliMaand geleden
  • Still one of my favorite fighters

    robertg305robertg305Maand geleden
  • This was entertaining..

    Miguel AnghelMiguel AnghelMaand geleden
  • Would love to be a fly on the wall if cannonier, Diego Sanchez, tony Ferguson, and mayhem miller all got locked in a room together

    Spear The-queerSpear The-queerMaand geleden
  • Jared begging for a refund on those rocks

    exile.exile.Maand geleden
  • Title idea: my dad not being gone

    I hate nucking figgersI hate nucking figgersMaand geleden
  • I knew this was coming when I saw Jared busting out the rocks in the embedded video

    GusGusMaand geleden
  • Who hit this guy

    Elia AlukuElia AlukuMaand geleden
  • I want to see Dan Hooker's moments)

    Fantastic PhantomFantastic PhantomMaand geleden
  • I know y’all feel his energy too

    Insert NameInsert NameMaand geleden
  • I hope his arm heals up well and he can get back in the gym relatively soon, i think with some adjustments he can get back on track to title contention.

    Tpayne6414Tpayne6414Maand geleden
  • "I used the stones to destroy the stones"- Jared Thanonnier

    pthorne 1710pthorne 1710Maand geleden
  • please make jon jones being overconfident

    jack francesjack francesMaand geleden
  • Please make israel adesanya being confident.

    jack francesjack francesMaand geleden
  • This kids is what CTE looks like

    RicPrazeresRicPrazeresMaand geleden
  • Demon's cost you victory...

    kole 96kole 96Maand geleden
  • Tony to Khabib's mom: You are taking away everything i work for mother****

    Pajeetomed PajeetomedovPajeetomed PajeetomedovMaand geleden
  • Oh God no... He has a rock collection, nigga is selling healing chakra pyramids on Etsy.

    Compton JapanCompton JapanMaand geleden
  • When I saw that Jared was one of those types who draws powers from stones, I started calling him Jared "The Last Earthbender" Cannonier.

    Emil ApostolEmil ApostolMaand geleden
  • This guy is a moron, I will probably always root for his opponent.

    BoogieDownProductionBoogieDownProductionMaand geleden
  • Trash talk between him and Adesanya would've been awesome to see

    Maurício Yin VieiraMaurício Yin VieiraMaand geleden
  • Jared "Weed Power of the Universe" Cannonier

    El PersaEl PersaMaand geleden
  • Make the best call outs and include Bryce Mitchell to Reebok

    Neil CohenNeil CohenMaand geleden
  • He is a real good dude.

    Brock Lesnar 3.0Brock Lesnar 3.0Maand geleden
  • Fuck I wish I could find the crazy ass space ramble I've seen him do this one time 🤣 Trump's all of this.

    Anton WeretaAnton WeretaMaand geleden
  • This guy really connected to me rn. 🤯.

    JS AmsterdamJS AmsterdamMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to smoke Jared's rocks

    GilcimGilcimMaand geleden
  • He knows who built the pyramids 🤣🤣🤣

    y dy dMaand geleden
  • Man some fighters are really weird

    TheHaHaNinjaTheHaHaNinjaMaand geleden
  • Knew this one was coming 😂

    Hebo2KHebo2KMaand geleden
  • Gotta love this guy 😂♥️

    Luo GonLuo GonMaand geleden
  • Oh... so he CRAZY crazy

    Armando AmadorArmando AmadorMaand geleden
  • Can't wait for Jared in welterweight

    FortweebFortweebMaand geleden
  • 1:45 so funny how he realizes it mid sentence hahah

    Jan KompatscherJan KompatscherMaand geleden
  • Joe Rogan needs to get jared on a podcast episode with Eddie bravo, shit would be legendary

    Iceman StrangeIceman StrangeMaand geleden
  • Basically black middleweight deigo sanchez

    ben bobben bobMaand geleden
  • He relied too much on those rocks. Believe in nonsense get nonsense in return.

    mz204455mz204455Maand geleden
  • Effects of brain dmg..... He should cover his head in the next fights, 3 more and he starts seeing aliens too

    Sejo BotonjicSejo BotonjicMaand geleden
  • Have a feeling Jared really like psychedelics

    jon baxterjon baxterMaand geleden
  • that was fun1

    KB7KB7Maand geleden
  • This guy looks tough and speaks well he should try mma

    HensenHensenMaand geleden
  • hes a great coach man even tho hes kinda weird hes a fantastic coach

    DlSHSOAPDlSHSOAPMaand geleden
  • I know a crazy person when I see one XD crystals really ? luckily MMA can be a good place being slightly deranged lmao

    raiemieraiemieMaand geleden
  • The moment in the shcmo interview when he said: oh yes we do!, you can see is a good guy

    rpcgrpcgMaand geleden
  • Jared "Doctor Killa" Cannonier

  • Jared “The Universe Talks To Me” Cannonier

    jesse jesjesse jesMaand geleden
  • The black Diego sanchez

    Alpha OmegaAlpha OmegaMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson the type of dude to sell shrooms to Jared Cannonier.

    wede smonkerwede smonkerMaand geleden
  • Mype Sports for president

    Vv PVv PMaand geleden
  • He's a top 5 MW in the UFC that smokes weed and believes in stones like Thanos....Jamie pull that up

    Huey FreemanHuey FreemanMaand geleden
  • Everybody Loves Eddie Bravo

    Man DendonMan DendonMaand geleden
  • Jared as Thanos. 🤣😂🤣😂

    Alpaca PinesAlpaca PinesMaand geleden
  • I can't wait for the joe rogan experience with cannonier

    SmellyRacoon101SmellyRacoon101Maand geleden
  • If Kanye could fight, was more likable and less crazy. This is him.

    JA Music GroupJA Music GroupMaand geleden
  • LMFAO 💀 He's so nice it's impossible to hate on him

    Test UsernameTest UsernameMaand geleden
  • OMG I was so waiting for u to do this lmaooo

    Be-LEAVER _19Be-LEAVER _19Maand geleden
  • Imagine him and eddy bravo having a conversation

    Sean LonerganSean LonerganMaand geleden
  • Yogi Yoel vs Swami Hall vs Baba Canonier for the spirit realm title!

    Crime Alley's OutlawCrime Alley's OutlawMaand geleden
  • "It's not just the dark side...it's the right side" - Darth Jared

    TriggermappyTriggermappyMaand geleden

    The Clueless UploaderThe Clueless UploaderMaand geleden
  • This channel is extremely underrated

    Jackson DavisJackson DavisMaand geleden
  • What a great guy

    PrayzPrayzMaand geleden
  • damn cannonier you didn’t come out the same as usual

    eduardo castilloeduardo castilloMaand geleden
  • His weed must be reaallly strong ... !

    pascal blanchardpascal blanchardMaand geleden
  • The Beginning 😂😂😂😂 fuck me that shit was hilarious

    Raul SuarezRaul SuarezMaand geleden
  • He’s actually pretty accurate... I rather believe in energy than a white blond haired white man who turned water into wine

    JotassiumJotassiumMaand geleden
    • Haha dayum, you're just open and available to be used lol

      Anton WeretaAnton WeretaMaand geleden
  • Holy crap. I had no idea about all this. I like this guy more now 😂

    DBZDDBZDMaand geleden
  • What a kook, can’t wait to see him fight at women’s atom weight

    David PerezDavid PerezMaand geleden
  • God bless

    náisiún na hÉireannnáisiún na hÉireannMaand geleden
  • I’m just here because Robert Whitaker Said He Had More Coffee then Jared had Crystals. Lmao 😂

    ChavisCutzChavisCutzMaand geleden
  • Jared Cannonier, Diego Sanchez, and Jason Miller all belong to the same cult

    Jordan WJordan WMaand geleden
  • Gems vs robs coffee

    Aydin ErozanAydin ErozanMaand geleden
  • Request : can we make a video of people abusing the ufc belt 😂

    Theory MasterTheory MasterMaand geleden
  • Do the commission not check peoples mental well-being as well as their physical health before signing off?

    Octo pusOcto pusMaand geleden
  • Them powers wasn’t behind you bredrin

  • Jared is Diego Sanchez done right.

    SkorpionSkorpionMaand geleden
  • He lost because his rocks weren’t tuned properly

    Web UserWeb UserMaand geleden
  • LSD trip

    BathaapBathaapMaand geleden
  • i feel him though

    Nadir HusseinNadir HusseinMaand geleden
  • nobody has the ability to hate that man.

    Stewie GriffinStewie GriffinMaand geleden