DC & Khabib being best friends..

8 nov. 2020
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DC & Khabib being the best of friends!
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • Let's get mype sports to 100k y'all, been making quarantine 10x better

    Matthew HokomaMatthew Hokoma24 dagen geleden
    • Please stop saying quarantine like people still believe in COVID

      blake avilablake avila22 dagen geleden
    • Wtf im surprised they don't

      Dirty 30Dirty 3023 dagen geleden
    • Facts

      NRNR23 dagen geleden
  • 1:49 DC got a little hurt by that

    Garry MGarry MDag geleden
  • Boorger king guy

    thomas Kittoethomas Kittoe5 dagen geleden
  • Could be get an F in the chat for DC loss

  • 2 real legends fo su !!!

    Jack AngelJack Angel8 dagen geleden
  • The dog pile did it for me

    TJ AmosTJ Amos9 dagen geleden
  • Ive watched all your vids... only for the pkmn intro music :)

    Skyvinn GamingSkyvinn Gaming11 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    The hardcore pro wrestling fanThe hardcore pro wrestling fan13 dagen geleden
  • Khabib last word at octagon: "Dc, i owe u burger"

    Pertama KeduaPertama Kedua14 dagen geleden
  • They really seem to have a very genuine friendship you love to see it

    Mike_NLMBMike_NLMB14 dagen geleden
  • Magnificent beautiful!

    alyunaniealyunanie17 dagen geleden
  • That last clip haha "ohh sorry I forgot about this"

    Sound Innovations design & productionSound Innovations design & production18 dagen geleden
  • That was great, I bet theres more I love these Artem-Conor and DC-Khabib videos

    Sound Innovations design & productionSound Innovations design & production18 dagen geleden
  • DC and Khabib friendship is a great example of "No Racism".

    Green PeasGreen Peas19 dagen geleden
  • Can we get an Artem and Conor vs DC and Khabib tag team match?!

    Mr. BirdmanMr. Birdman19 dagen geleden
  • This is wholesome

    Byron LinaresByron Linares19 dagen geleden
  • I could just honestly watch a podcast of them talking about literally anything

    miguel 69miguel 6920 dagen geleden
    • Same

      MysticMoMysticMo20 dagen geleden
  • Theres something soo wholesome about their friendship

    FadhilFadhil20 dagen geleden
  • You can’t not love these two. Their bromance is strong 💪🏼

    Tyler ReynoldsTyler Reynolds21 dag geleden
  • They are the best friend in the whole mma ❤️❤️❤️

    محمد آزممحمد آزم21 dag geleden
  • 2:27 that voice pitch is so funny

    amer yusofamer yusof22 dagen geleden
  • Daniel 'Small Bear' Cormier

    Zatin Singh 4113Zatin Singh 411322 dagen geleden
  • love these guys, really need a show just for them

    JohnJohn22 dagen geleden
  • Last fight....d.c i love you brother....

    Kevz1 988Kevz1 98822 dagen geleden
  • CAIN !!😂😂

    Bryant DiazBryant Diaz22 dagen geleden
  • Khabib retires People start posting dc & khabib videos.. Wtf

    Gino LorenzoGino Lorenzo22 dagen geleden
  • HAHAH, what? Oh. Double champ? Yes, I forgot about this HAHAHASH

    Lucas Herrera UFCLucas Herrera UFC22 dagen geleden
  • I always used to think Khabib was just serious and boring but DC brings the fun side out of him

    M DM D22 dagen geleden
  • They should get a show or podcast going DC needs to get rid of helwani and get khabib in nobody likes ariel anyway lol 😂

    Bad influenceBad influence22 dagen geleden
  • This is gold. Humanity at its best.

    cuda corecuda core22 dagen geleden
  • Imagine being DC, and hearing the last words Khabib ever utters in an Octagon being "DC, I love you brother". The Bro-ness overload.

    disgraced101disgraced10122 dagen geleden
  • Khabib voice crack

    Kevin ClearyKevin Cleary22 dagen geleden
  • will miss those 2 in AKA

    Alen /AAlen /A22 dagen geleden
  • The sitcom we need

    OldpangolinOldpangolin23 dagen geleden
  • You now very kaaky guy 😂😂 .

    Syedmuntazir 6637Syedmuntazir 663723 dagen geleden
  • What ? Double Champ ? I forget this 😂khabib

    swarn sidhuswarn sidhu23 dagen geleden
  • Being Best Friends, Being Best Brothers, and Being Great Champions.

    Laurence JaymeLaurence Jayme23 dagen geleden
  • The world could learn from them. Friends dispute race, age, or religious beliefs

    xavier danielsxavier daniels23 dagen geleden
  • Yo, mype you've been blowing up, fam. Keep up the great content! Well deserved. Been here since 3k subs

    reyes figueroareyes figueroa23 dagen geleden
  • 'He's strong like a small bear. '.. bruuhh.. this guy fought bear too much that he now compare other's strength with 🐻

    Naji VkNaji Vk23 dagen geleden
  • jus bros bein bros

    thejoeygthejoeyg23 dagen geleden
  • Men....😂😂😂

    Takas TakasTakas Takas23 dagen geleden
  • I forget about this

    Vendetta 414Vendetta 41423 dagen geleden
  • "DC... stay humble bro."

    Mitch PresleyMitch Presley23 dagen geleden
  • AKA common words: Dis guy.. Broder.. Hey hey listen.. *Continue the list

    Henri AchriezaHenri Achrieza23 dagen geleden
  • 2:10 dc dropped the soap

    Terrence BarnesTerrence Barnes23 dagen geleden
  • You skared mcgregor come?

    nurfarahainsaidnurfarahainsaid23 dagen geleden
  • So pure so innocent

    The TailghatersThe Tailghaters23 dagen geleden
  • I thought this video was gonna be 2 hours 57 minutes long tf

    broootalbroootal23 dagen geleden
  • Im gonna pretend I didnt just watch this with a stupid smile on my face😭

    Cj IchidaCj Ichida23 dagen geleden
  • Man i love how DC puts the biggest smile on Khabib's face, genuine. Hope he's smiling like that again

    Androiid24Androiid2423 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha

    KassperosKassperos23 dagen geleden
  • They are like bunch of happy kids

    Kunal PurohitKunal Purohit23 dagen geleden
  • Khaki guy 🤣😂

    Kunal PurohitKunal Purohit23 dagen geleden
  • It was so weird hearing khabib say "bro" instead of "Bŕæťhëŕ" 😂😂 and when khabib makes his voice high I fucking died😂😂

    Osama BinBallinOsama BinBallin23 dagen geleden
  • I forget about this XD

    MqgicalMqgical23 dagen geleden
  • This video brought to you by Dis guy and brudda

    Jessica Eye's GallbladderJessica Eye's Gallbladder23 dagen geleden
  • I miss being called a simp

    Declan DrellingDeclan Drelling23 dagen geleden
  • Cacky guy... 😂😂

    ragna the blood edgeragna the blood edge23 dagen geleden
  • I just wanted say your outro music is some of the finest that I've heard. ❤

    The DrummernatorThe Drummernator24 dagen geleden
  • W h o l e s o m e❤

    its meits me24 dagen geleden
  • If this video was 1 hour long I would watch all it in one sitting

    Alec CvecicAlec Cvecic24 dagen geleden
  • When Khabib fought Al Iaquinta, I thought he was gonna hyper extend his arm the way he threw his jab😲😲😲😲...he has since improved his striking so much😆👍👍👊

    Illiad mcswainIlliad mcswain24 dagen geleden
  • DC looks like baby Huey😆

    Illiad mcswainIlliad mcswain24 dagen geleden
  • i love my black emerican broders! i wana also have a frnd like DC. dis guy so funny

    Kish MishKish Mish24 dagen geleden
  • hahaha he luk like short fat guy, if u see him in tha street, maybe u think hes like mcdonalds guy or boorger king guy 😂😂😂

    Kish MishKish Mish24 dagen geleden
  • 2:15...in case anyone wonder who is who in the human burger.. Kyle Crutcher Khabib Cain Velasquez Abdulmanap (aka Khabib #1 bullshit cousin) DC (aka El Grapo)

    myown lilbubblemyown lilbubble24 dagen geleden
  • Everyone knows DC is actually a Popeyes Chicken guy.

    Canster MeatCanster Meat24 dagen geleden
  • Why delete the Schaub vid?

    I SedI Sed24 dagen geleden
  • Friends with no boundaries 💖

    not funny didn't laughnot funny didn't laugh24 dagen geleden
  • "Ah! I forget about this" 😂😂

    Lokman M. NacakLokman M. Nacak24 dagen geleden
  • Am gonna miss Khabib😪

    Benji HurkettBenji Hurkett24 dagen geleden
  • this quickly became my fav mma meme channel. another amazing cut mate.

    All In PAVAll In PAV24 dagen geleden
  • After Khabib's infamous Instagram post, all MMA journalists and youtubers should stop making videos about him. I used to love Khabib but I can't smile or laugh at videos of him anymore.

    DmitryDmitry24 dagen geleden
    • @Dmitry khabib didn't support violence/terrorist, don't be stupid to understand what he wrote... just stop insulting his prophet and his religion, that's it!

      adeihawadeihaw23 dagen geleden
    • @adeihaw Calling for violence is not freedom of speech, given how many IG followers he has, it is a very irresponsible thing to do. He got rich and famous off the Western world and is now disrespecting it. Just like so many Muslims do.

      DmitryDmitry24 dagen geleden
    • Freedom of speech and he doesn't care you love or hate him, he loves his prophet more than anyone in this world

      adeihawadeihaw24 dagen geleden
  • Seeing khabib being friendly is heart warming for some reason

    Christian ScottChristian Scott24 dagen geleden
  • I think it’s funny DC talks In khabibs broken English when he communicates with khabib 😂

    Jeremy WolffsJeremy Wolffs24 dagen geleden
  • I love them two together there the best wish i had a friend that solid

    Gumrick ZimmermannGumrick Zimmermann24 dagen geleden
  • They should bum.

    TheMetalMouseTheMetalMouse24 dagen geleden
  • “Your now a kackee guy”😂

    HAHAHHAAHHA trendHAHAHHAAHHA trend24 dagen geleden
  • Khabib is the goat in every way imaginable! No blemishes. Nobody has ever done it like him in any sport

    jay619jay61924 dagen geleden
  • So funny when DC starts unintentionally talking with broken russian accent around khabib lmao

    Spencer RoseSpencer Rose24 dagen geleden
    • @emanuel martinez yeah it definitely doesn’t feel like he is doing it in a disingenuous or condescending way at all - you can tell it is all love too

      Spencer RoseSpencer Rose23 dagen geleden
    • Apparently it helps them understand what you're saying better but the trade off is their understanding of the language won't get any better

      emanuel martinezemanuel martinez23 dagen geleden
  • Don’t like kabib once ounce but this was awesome👌🏽

    Mackenson SparksMackenson Sparks24 dagen geleden
  • Yeah you know when the shit talk flies .....they're good friends 😁😁

    seaglider844seaglider84424 dagen geleden
  • This is too wholesome. Gotta love this duo

    João LuizJoão Luiz24 dagen geleden
  • CAIN!! lmaooooo

    I OFFER YOU THISI OFFER YOU THIS24 dagen geleden
  • I respect them both.

    Music CalgaryMusic Calgary24 dagen geleden
  • boorger king guy

    I OFFER YOU THISI OFFER YOU THIS24 dagen geleden
  • Bromance worth a movie 😂

    Crime Alley's OutlawCrime Alley's Outlaw24 dagen geleden
  • Damn they're both retired now....

    Tristan GeorgeTristan George24 dagen geleden
  • I dunno why but I love your outro.

    YeagermaesterYeagermaester24 dagen geleden
  • I wish my wife would show me this much love....

    Omid AzimiOmid Azimi24 dagen geleden
  • Apart from the relentless, exhausting training, the disciplined diets, the weight cuts, the ice baths, having Dana as your boss, and constantly getting smashed in the face, MMA looks like a lot of fun.

    returnoftheredeyereturnoftheredeye24 dagen geleden
  • This was awesome

    Combat Sports AddictCombat Sports Addict24 dagen geleden
  • McDonalds guy Boorger King guy haha

    Wezley_Kay 09Wezley_Kay 0924 dagen geleden
  • Bro came outta know here with that choke hold

    Enrique VargasEnrique Vargas24 dagen geleden
  • Washed up bums just like mype sports Guaranteed this gets deleted because mype is a beta

    777killad777killad24 dagen geleden
  • You should make The most confident 😂

    BBP BakedBeansPodcastBBP BakedBeansPodcast24 dagen geleden
  • If you hate Khabib you’re just - wrong

    Culton ReyCulton Rey24 dagen geleden
  • 0:38 DC! Stay humble bro 😂😂😂

    Johnny PitbullJohnny Pitbull24 dagen geleden