Darren Till trying to speak english for 2 minutes..

20 apr. 2020
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Darren Till is trying super hard to speak english..
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  • teghnigh will overcome stremf yes

    ShinoShinoUur geleden
  • I didn’t understand one word he’s ever said. It’s mind blowing we both speak English.

    K DanteK Dante6 uur geleden
  • I like it

    Cesar MugishaCesar MugishaDag geleden
  • He’s a scouser, thats why he speaks like that!

    Albert AlbertoAlbert Alberto2 dagen geleden
  • How can you not understand what he’s saying 😂😂

    CJ Pranks TVCJ Pranks TV3 dagen geleden
  • Till: I'll be Bach....

    Robin GroeneveldRobin Groeneveld3 dagen geleden
  • wat

    klnpdklnpd3 dagen geleden
  • He makes me embarrassed to be a scouser, thick as pig 5hit or should I say “eee mayks me embarrest to be a scowser, tick as pyg 5hit👍

    whatever22638whatever226384 dagen geleden
  • Whoever made this has never been to Britain 🤣

    Joe BowmanJoe Bowman4 dagen geleden
  • Mate that sport quote has to be up there with some of Michael Owens greatest quotes

    Jac AJac A4 dagen geleden
  • Please till stfu dude

    KubiKubi4 dagen geleden
  • I really likkke Darren Till

    Jarw W.Jarw W.5 dagen geleden
  • Clearly never been to Liverpool

    w jw j5 dagen geleden
  • He speaks very good English for a German... What part of Germany is he from?

    SpikeFae cumbernauld.SpikeFae cumbernauld.5 dagen geleden
  • As an Englishman I can understand everything he says, and it's still funny because it's still hard to tell what he says

    olog spogmadolofsolog spogmadolofs6 dagen geleden
  • Darren tool

    Lee MarplesLee Marples7 dagen geleden
  • This guy speaks two languages fluently, that’s double of what most of you all can lmao

    MaxMax7 dagen geleden
  • Chav ..

    MM9 dagen geleden
  • An American made this. He ain’t English, he’s a fucking scouser

    liam crawleyliam crawley11 dagen geleden
  • Once I got used to his accent, it wasnt really that bad......

    thomas wolfethomas wolfe12 dagen geleden
  • Ligh..

    Rayane OuazineRayane Ouazine12 dagen geleden
  • You gotta love Till tho 😂😂

    Marco VieiraMarco Vieira13 dagen geleden
  • Walmart Jamie carragher

    joaquim silvajoaquim silva13 dagen geleden
  • Can you make a video of till and Perry friendship ❤️

    tomas acevedotomas acevedo13 dagen geleden
  • no way.... this guy has too be pranken the world!!!

    S B DUNKSS B DUNKS14 dagen geleden
  • Darren Till has tiny eyes.

    P OP O16 dagen geleden
  • The best is when he casually uses terms uncommon in NA combined with his heavy Liverpool accent, makes me laugh. He had some word for like "rattled" once like "I'm just fuckin' rattled m8" (over a loss) but I can't even remember what word he used, something totally ridiculous to me as a Canadian :p

  • Is this guys speaking traveler?

    Multiple OffenderMultiple Offender17 dagen geleden
  • “This ain’t our sport, do not call our sport a sport” made me spit my tea out

    Bill JacksonBill Jackson18 dagen geleden
  • Why does it sound like he is gargling when he says “like”

    mike fitzmike fitz18 dagen geleden
  • Every time he says “like” I feel like he trynna throw up a hair ball

    Saul SalasSaul Salas18 dagen geleden
  • This guy speaks like Jamie Carragher

    deathtrack15deathtrack1519 dagen geleden
  • Kind of ironic seeing as though an English man speaking English is probably being called out by americans to talk properly. Same thing happened with Bisping.

    Jizzrael AdesanyaJizzrael Adesanya19 dagen geleden
  • It's like he's speaking English in Arabic

    AceR4800AceR480021 dag geleden
  • Till and Perry used to be friends? I wonder what changed

    Squada BingoSquada Bingo21 dag geleden
  • I think he said the whole word "technique" without moving his tongue.

    Antics SemanticsAntics Semantics22 dagen geleden
  • I'm from Liverpool, this is funny. Haha.

    Europa 1Europa 122 dagen geleden
  • The letter K : exists Darren till : AaAAAgGaG

    WanWan22 dagen geleden
  • I cutalodaweight

    eric lieberic lieb22 dagen geleden
  • He makes Mike bisping look like an American speech therapist

    Jonny BonesJonny Bones22 dagen geleden
  • Imagine Till, Miocic, Chimeav, Nurmagomedov, Romero, McGregor all in an argument.

    Yūgen SciamachyYūgen Sciamachy22 dagen geleden
  • Its like he's tryin to spit while tryin to speak garbage accent imo

    doobtubesdoobtubes22 dagen geleden
  • Please explain, what is a Charlen Monkeys

    Brodie WhitbreadBrodie Whitbread24 dagen geleden
  • The jokes on you guys he’s speaking original English

    Chase RyanChase Ryan24 dagen geleden
  • Robert "was that my name he tried to say" Whittaker

    Eat my OoofEat my Ooof26 dagen geleden
  • isnt he english or something? he is from liverpool right?

    Yarden kraus99Yarden kraus9928 dagen geleden
  • Achh!

    FrankieareFrankieare28 dagen geleden
  • On the Monday, on the Sunday, on the Monday-Sunday, yeah on the Saturday I was eating chocolate.

    Cody Last NameCody Last Name28 dagen geleden
  • Can you imagine an english learner watching this video?... yep. It's me. I'm done.

    SpinlayerSpinlayer29 dagen geleden

    SharpXIISharpXIIMaand geleden
  • Funny this european guy Darren Till speaks, lets check where he's from..."Darren Till is an *English* ..." **spit tea**

    Снежный ДжониСнежный ДжониMaand geleden
  • the irony is that he speaks portuguese better than shogun rua

    x yx yMaand geleden
  • He is speaking Chinese English

    unknown personunknown personMaand geleden
  • nlworld.info/key/video/wIOTfLq2foGDf4w music version

    alex_7345alex_7345Maand geleden
  • eeekkkkhhhhhaaaaaaa......eeekkhhhhhaaaa......

    Neptunes VagNeptunes VagMaand geleden
  • Yeah, a Scouse. As a Liverpool fan, it took me a while to understand Hendo, Trent and even Millie and Robbo

    Lučo# 15Lučo# 15Maand geleden
  • He is a scouser

    George Mcgoldrick channelGeorge Mcgoldrick channelMaand geleden
  • imagine going to dinner with darren, miocic, romero, and costa😭😭

    twitch z00mtwitch z00mMaand geleden
  • The last bit is amazing

    Anthony DeliAnthony DeliMaand geleden
  • How are so many English people so bad at speaking English?

    Chris SerpicøChris SerpicøMaand geleden
  • Funny cause hes english and can barely speak the language lol

    Dean ConnorDean ConnorMaand geleden
  • Legend.

    SchwedenMein HeimatlandSchwedenMein HeimatlandMaand geleden
  • LOL

    Gergő BartókGergő BartókMaand geleden
  • That kid is from Liverpool what the fuck d'you expect

    DarthVadorDawgDarthVadorDawgMaand geleden

    H 521H 521Maand geleden
  • It is difficult to understand how it is possible in not so big territory of UK when traveling across the island and hear new accents every 50 miles. And it is in 21 century the era of globalization.

    Дмитрий ЛенчевскийДмитрий ЛенчевскийMaand geleden
  • He sounds german

    JionJionMaand geleden
  • Being English it’s quite easy to understand him over American English 😂

    Daniel MccarthyDaniel MccarthyMaand geleden
  • Scouse (liverpuddlian) accent is like British Arabic with all the spit noises they make

    ohtebowahohtebowahMaand geleden
  • Imagine you’re in high school and you see one of those friend groups talking before the bell rings in the main hall and the group consists of -Tony Ferguson - Alastair Overeem - Nate Diaz - Nick Diaz - Stipe Miocic - Paulo Costa - Amanda Nunes - Darren Till - Khabib - Yoel Romero

    Clark DarkClark DarkMaand geleden
  • so unlikable .

    TUCOTUCOMaand geleden
  • 0:39 till and perry are friends? Wtf?

    John CadwaladerJohn Cadwalader2 maanden geleden
  • 1:25 Teff nihhhqqq Why does he pronounce words like he's trying to spit out the cough stuck in his throat?

    The GrimwizThe Grimwiz2 maanden geleden
    • @MAJEED HD I know, but it's gotta be the shittiest accent I've ever heard, the way they pronounce sounds like they're tryna cough out the words. can't believe it's a part of the British accent, nothing posh, clean or sexy. Just plain old shite

      The GrimwizThe Grimwiz5 dagen geleden
    • His accent is scouse he's from Liverpool

      MAJEED HDMAJEED HD5 dagen geleden
  • This is the thickest coherent uk accent i’ve ever heard. He sounds like he’s from the 1700s.

    Jory FeldmanJory Feldman2 maanden geleden
    • Not really

      1000 subs from commenting, please subscribe1000 subs from commenting, please subscribe2 maanden geleden
  • Darren "Liech" Till

    Ganesh RamcharranGanesh Ramcharran2 maanden geleden
  • we're both strikhers fuck yes darren, fuck yes

    ahmad yahmad y2 maanden geleden
  • Scouse eh

    Hémant ThakurHémant Thakur2 maanden geleden
  • i love how the rest of the world views darren as this weird english speaking lad, but that is literally how all people talk in liverpool lol

    pohmakas33pohmakas332 maanden geleden
  • Why does he have a lisp lmao

    ThotSlayer69ThotSlayer692 maanden geleden
  • Lol he thought Perry wanted to go steaming at a spa with him hahah

    Your Brand's NeedsYour Brand's Needs2 maanden geleden
  • Wonderboy got fucked 3 times from the judges. The Darren Til fight was one of them

    Gary MathisGary Mathis2 maanden geleden
  • Dahhhhrren "eckhhhh khhhh ekhhhhh" Till

    Hugo NongbriHugo Nongbri2 maanden geleden
  • The “Like” kills me😂🤣

    Ethan PeterkaEthan Peterka2 maanden geleden
  • L I K E

    Enigma 47Enigma 472 maanden geleden
  • He speaks like carragher

    Sport LoversSport Lovers2 maanden geleden
  • Terrifichh

    tony snapjitsutony snapjitsu2 maanden geleden
  • "I meant fuckin let's go fight"

    AlexAlex2 maanden geleden
  • This is kinda strange considering he is english himself...

    Teodor HristevTeodor Hristev2 maanden geleden
  • shouuut thouuu fouuuuckkk ouuuuppp

    Twinsun predatorTwinsun predator2 maanden geleden
  • Norf

    chaos lordchaos lord2 maanden geleden
  • Ah, The dreadful Liverpool accent

    Dax MengeshaDax Mengesha2 maanden geleden
  • he's got brummie accent :D

    Vibe LoverVibe Lover2 maanden geleden
  • Chicquen beqer and cheeps

    Sean McLuskeySean McLuskey3 maanden geleden
  • Till needs to spit the saliva in his mouth to speak clearly

    Chips the CatChips the Cat3 maanden geleden
  • Ich kann alles verstehen, was er sagt

    Vimal SheoranVimal Sheoran3 maanden geleden
  • This is how people from Boston sound to me

    Leon NestestogLeon Nestestog3 maanden geleden
  • no one: daren till: layhğ

    Santino MozzarellaSantino Mozzarella3 maanden geleden
  • That's where I know this guy from nlworld.info/key/video/pKmedtaZgKB3lYg

    Hunter BelvisHunter Belvis3 maanden geleden
  • The Wirral accent is actually very soft and nice, this is full on scouse though.

    Baron ThundercuntBaron Thundercunt3 maanden geleden