Dana White shutting people down..

14 jun. 2020
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If you're a reporter, dont make Dana mad!
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  • Dude is such a dick head

    Dixie NormusDixie Normus23 uur geleden
  • @01:19 when Dana said "What if that guy trips over the Wire over there" Tony Ferguson then preceded to trip over that wire wreck his knee and couldn´t fight khabib again.

    John LeachJohn LeachDag geleden
  • Biggest suggested channel lately keep it up!

    SaitamaSaitamaDag geleden
  • Uncle Dana is easily my favorite front man in sports..except for when he treats the GOAT Ariel like his step child

    NinerGang4905NinerGang49052 dagen geleden
  • Dana is so sleezy

    StevenSteven2 dagen geleden
  • This channel is a gem...slowly growing love to see it

    Georfe MeyerGeorfe Meyer2 dagen geleden
  • Last clip had me rolling

    SapSap3 dagen geleden
  • Dana don’t give a fuck

    Dylan DDylan D3 dagen geleden
  • 0:25 My respect for Dana just went from relatively small to HUGE in an instant! 😄

    Adrian CiureaAdrian Ciurea4 dagen geleden
  • It's like he's Kingpin Lex Luthor and professor X all in one lol

    Tk AholeleiTk Aholelei4 dagen geleden
  • 2:09 I’m almost died from laughter omfg

    Francisco ReyesFrancisco Reyes4 dagen geleden
  • That translation was nothing short of genius. That shits funny .

    Tasha Lynn WhinfieldTasha Lynn Whinfield6 dagen geleden
  • When it comes to money issues the fighters are definitely right. As ceo hes incentivized to dissuade that idea.

    Hunter LaytonHunter Layton6 dagen geleden
  • Dana's actually a huge money grubby dbag. Like a villan you'd see in a movie. Terrible to his fighters. Sad life

    Dirty DDirty D6 dagen geleden
  • Love the ending

    Rasmus MadsenRasmus Madsen7 dagen geleden
  • danas cool

    D BD B7 dagen geleden
  • This guy is the last true BOSS in the business world. He holds nothing back, regardless if he’s going at his own guys, or defending them.

    calebcaleb7 dagen geleden
  • LET ME REPEAT!!! FoR The FUCKING MILLIOM tiMe! I Did NOT bUy an iSland 😔🏝️

    WazyBananaWazyBanana8 dagen geleden
  • I wanna make pink Dana shirts

    beau bobierbeau bobier8 dagen geleden
  • This channel is pure gold

    AdamAdam8 dagen geleden
  • 165 people got shot down like a b*tch

    Victor LugosiVictor Lugosi9 dagen geleden
  • Dominque Foxworth or whatever the fuck his name is, is crazy ballzy to go after Dana, idiotic but ballzy

    C GravelyC Gravely9 dagen geleden
  • Foxworth got fucking obliterated and his ego couldn’t take it hahaha

    BossBoss9 dagen geleden
  • I hate the media. Fuck 'em all.

    DDog52DDog5210 dagen geleden
  • Dana going off on Oscar a while back was hilarious

    OG AlienOG Alien10 dagen geleden
  • UFC not exactly my favorite sport but damn if I aint buying everyone of them since he stood up for America Man I love Dana White & Joe Rogan

    Luke CanaleLuke Canale11 dagen geleden
  • "he said you're a dick!" LMFAo

    kjb jupiterkjb jupiter11 dagen geleden
  • dana is a gangster. agree or not he doesn't give a fuck

    pliitpliit12 dagen geleden
  • HHahah Dana the Goat

    alex brogdenalex brogden12 dagen geleden
  • "He said you're a dick" gotta love the guy😂

    David FernandezDavid Fernandez13 dagen geleden
  • Don Dana Corleone.

    Jon ViaJon Via13 dagen geleden
  • A love this guy!

    Nicholas ChristodoulouNicholas Christodoulou13 dagen geleden
  • @0:44 you can tell that’s fake, why would you even do that?

    JC VillaJC Villa13 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes I wonder if Rampage hates or loves Ariel. I know Dana hates Ariel.

    sunat69sunat6914 dagen geleden
  • 2:53 This is the moment I realized Dana's ears are so big they look like prosthetics

    Mike LaPointeMike LaPointe14 dagen geleden
  • Angry Dana is funny af 😂😂😂

    Marcus KMarcus K14 dagen geleden
  • Juiced up to the gills

    Tony CelestinoTony Celestino14 dagen geleden
  • “Fuck that guy” who was he talking about?

    Blablah BlablahBlablah Blablah14 dagen geleden
  • The first one was an honest question.

    Brian BellBrian Bell15 dagen geleden
  • Dana pink is funny as hell

    41551041551015 dagen geleden
  • Dana is beyond based

    Christopher BayesChristopher Bayes15 dagen geleden
  • Mannn that dude at 2:03 always kills me😂😂

    Brandon 02Brandon 0216 dagen geleden
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who asks the first question when Dana says “who has the first question?”

    Matthew LowdonMatthew Lowdon16 dagen geleden
  • I love Dana

    Jord BroadJord Broad16 dagen geleden
  • Dana "My Head Is No Longer" White

    PLAY STATIONPLAY STATION17 dagen geleden
  • You will not like him when he is pink

    Palpatine EpicPalpatine Epic17 dagen geleden
  • 0:45 execution of who?

    hurmat11hurmat1119 dagen geleden
  • Let’s Go 😂😂😂

    luka mtchedlidzeluka mtchedlidze19 dagen geleden
  • That dumb broad in question #2

    MJSMJS19 dagen geleden
  • 0:30 where's this from? I feel like its gonna make me laugh

    phillip denisphillip denis20 dagen geleden
  • Never tell a secret in the middle of a cornfield. There's too many ears. I know it's a corny joke

    Chris AbshierChris Abshier21 dag geleden
  • I will NEVER get tired of watching the Nick Diaz and Ariel bit

    BovineJusticeBovineJustice21 dag geleden
  • Hate him all you want but Dana White is the best promoter any sport has ever seen. That's a fact.

    SkoshSkosh21 dag geleden
  • Dana is a fucking bad ass. Much respect to him

    Chris VesseyChris Vessey22 dagen geleden
  • He said ur a dick haha

    C GC G23 dagen geleden
  • Right or wrong. but when dana gets pissed off, its TV gold!

    Solid SnakeSolid Snake23 dagen geleden
  • The sexual tension between Dana and ariel💀

    Andres GarciaAndres Garcia23 dagen geleden
  • Espn is literally just grown men complaining anf only doing controversial stories. Its pathetic.

    Jason GrevyJason Grevy25 dagen geleden
  • the ending killed me

    Charles LongCharles Long26 dagen geleden
  • Here's an idea: Let Dana make his own podcast "The Dana White Experience" and let him sign a contract with Spotify.

    pncrmpzpncrmpz26 dagen geleden
  • Dana white is ultimate alpha male

    LCBLCB27 dagen geleden
  • The pink dana hahaha dana deniro smirk lmao

    Metti KalienteMetti Kaliente28 dagen geleden
  • 3:36 I love how Rory and Robbie both looked at Dana in the same time and also laughed in the same time.

    Giorno's PianoGiorno's Piano28 dagen geleden
  • Can we get Khabib shutting down Stephen Thompson?

    Nadeali ShahNadeali Shah28 dagen geleden
  • Can someone tell me why people hate Dana?

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden29 dagen geleden
  • Omg Tony did trip over a wire

    Dill n PickleDill n Pickle29 dagen geleden
  • 1:04 my ass

  • Dana for President 2024!

    jacob dausjacob dausMaand geleden
  • 7.9k likes because of me

    Sean MeallySean MeallyMaand geleden
  • This shit is so funny lmao

    Miguel Luis AustriaMiguel Luis AustriaMaand geleden
  • Dana has two personalities one is Dana White and the other is Dana Pink.

    Kasper LakshithaKasper LakshithaMaand geleden
  • enjoy him while we have him =) what a character

    Fresh FowkzFresh FowkzMaand geleden
  • D F muthafuckin W

    fxsxxfxsxxMaand geleden
  • i wanna know whos behind this channel i want to know who the GENIUS is that makes these incredible videos because you my friend. are a god. damn. hero.

    Flex TheKidFlex TheKidMaand geleden
  • Dude you're sense of humour is the best

    Borg JansenBorg JansenMaand geleden
  • Dana looks like kingpin

    Kannon knightKannon knightMaand geleden

    shhhakeshhhakeMaand geleden
  • this how you run an mma business and his damn good at it !

    boost junkieboost junkieMaand geleden
  • See that’s what i like about Dana. He keeps it real

    Brandon VirayBrandon VirayMaand geleden
  • Dana is like frieza. He has many forms and he gets better if he wants to. You have dana white, dana pink, dana red, screaming dana , disgusted dana , and likeable dana

    dez inandez inanMaand geleden
  • Yo that ending thou lmao

    Noah LauNoah LauMaand geleden
  • 3:50 at 0,25 speed

    S LgdS LgdMaand geleden
  • How can he stay pissed for a long time is crazy...

    ragna the blood edgeragna the blood edgeMaand geleden
  • The ending scene with Dana gagging has me rolling 🤣🤣

    Duke WeathersDuke WeathersMaand geleden
  • that’s fucking illegal

    Alec CvecicAlec CvecicMaand geleden
  • 3:33 poor aldo

    S H E N *S H E N *Maand geleden
  • danas truly evil even his mum hates him.

    Bigspliff26Bigspliff26Maand geleden
  • That zoom-about what? combo tho.

    Albert WolfAlbert WolfMaand geleden
  • As Dana gets older he just doesn’t give af what he says 🤣

    Yuh AyeYuh AyeMaand geleden
  • Tony Ferguson could trip over the wire over there ... And then Tony Ferguson actually trips over something and destroys his knee smdh

    Elguapo GuzmanElguapo GuzmanMaand geleden
  • love him or hate him the game is gonna nose dive when he's gone

    cwslsjcwslsjMaand geleden
  • Lmao he put Ariel on suicide watch

    Andrew /\ H-TOWNAndrew /\ H-TOWNMaand geleden
  • “How do you feel about the protests and athletes kneeling in other organizations?” Lady he’s a fight promoter, why do you care what he thinks about shit that doesn’t affect his business?

    Spelunking MonkeySpelunking MonkeyMaand geleden
  • That last clip lmfao

    Ryan VanBeekRyan VanBeek2 maanden geleden
  • ppl love to give him a hard time, dana red is a gift we should consider ourselves lucky to have

    itchin4scratchesitchin4scratches2 maanden geleden
  • 3:40 He's got a good point there.

    Dj QuaresmaDj Quaresma2 maanden geleden
  • That last clip 😂😂😂

    Joseph HopkinsJoseph Hopkins2 maanden geleden
  • Thing is when he said "I have over 600 fighter and we are talking about 2" yeah they were talking about 2 there and then but over the course of the UFC's start there as been way more than 2 complain about pay

    Dean ConnorDean Connor2 maanden geleden
  • Dana: "We're buying an island to host fights." Also Dana: "We didn't buy an island."

    Niho1897Niho18972 maanden geleden
  • Love that Dana understood nick and took care of that situation

    Irving RamirezIrving Ramirez2 maanden geleden