Alistair Overeem being a man of few words..

18 mei. 2020
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Good luck tryna get a long answer from Alistair Overeem!
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Outro song: Mitch Murder - Pole Position
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  • is this Mr Mr alistair overeem?

    mohammad _Aminmohammad _Amin12 uur geleden
  • thank you vrymuch

    Dino SlavDino Slav4 dagen geleden
  • Dutch folks aren’t the funniest people. With the exception of Bas, who actually is THE funniest man alive.

    Theo HuioiesinTheo HuioiesinMaand geleden
  • No you Americans talk too much

    Luc MaasLuc MaasMaand geleden
  • Hes a Mans Man real talk

    Pro 47Pro 47Maand geleden
  • For a guy who has taken so many shots, he talks really well

    Brenden McCollBrenden McColl2 maanden geleden

    bobmoegrabibobmoegrabi2 maanden geleden
  • A man of few roids

    1000poundpunch1000poundpunch2 maanden geleden
  • arrogant

    P YurivichP Yurivich2 maanden geleden
  • This guy kicked mirko kro kops balls so hard they had to stop the fight.

    Jm ElizaresJm Elizares2 maanden geleden
  • Would love to see alistar, nick diaz and nate Diaz try to talk

    Dean ConnorDean Connor2 maanden geleden
  • 🤣

    Moses SoleMoses Sole2 maanden geleden
  • He an *accurate* person for a reason...

    Teodor HristevTeodor Hristev2 maanden geleden

    DESTIVEVODESTIVEVO2 maanden geleden
  • He is also a man of a lot of horse meat.

    GinkgoPeteGinkgoPete2 maanden geleden
  • Who's here after he knocked out sakai?

    OH OKOH OK2 maanden geleden
  • the more crap you talk the more people hate you

    Kenneth DobosKenneth Dobos3 maanden geleden
  • Ain’t nothing going on up there I guess

    Sexy PigeonSexy Pigeon3 maanden geleden
  • I take a shot everytime he says i dont know

    khoirom Miltonkhoirom Milton3 maanden geleden
  • Always loved how crap the intro is

    Jack CroninJack Cronin3 maanden geleden
  • a man of few brain cells. This dude struggles to put sentences together.

    paul vallepaul valle3 maanden geleden
    • You should see 'AO being articulate' video , he is actually decent intellect wise, that's just his way of responding to different Repetitive journalist questions.

      shashi shekharshashi shekhar3 maanden geleden
  • This man has achieved peaked DGAF

    MaDMAnMaDMAn3 maanden geleden
  • Next do “Stipe not speaking English”

    Hank HillHank Hill3 maanden geleden
  • Beef beef

    Dustin LouisDustin Louis3 maanden geleden
  • I think you know Stevie T... You guys are friends right mype sports?????

    Chingri MungreiChingri Mungrei3 maanden geleden
  • Any man that can get knocked out by Francis the way he did and be back in the gym the next week acting like nothing even happened is a savage.

    TrinityTrinity3 maanden geleden
  • *Economical Overeem*

    W WW W3 maanden geleden
  • Overeem is awesome.

    TheMass33TheMass333 maanden geleden
  • 1:44 That was more devastating shoulder then McGregor vs Cow Boy

    H NaqviH Naqvi3 maanden geleden
  • Gives the average questions the correct level of effort

    Simons SolSimons Sol3 maanden geleden
  • respect to Joe for this... in a split second he realised Allistair made an honest mistake - at the same time as the crowd went up.. you can see it on Joes face, he really wanted to de escalate shit

    Đorđe ŽutićĐorđe Žutić3 maanden geleden
  • I respect this of him... quite a few times, he said - Im just focused... Thats it man... allthough it sounds weird with all the hypetrains choo chooin around all the time

    Đorđe ŽutićĐorđe Žutić3 maanden geleden
  • He seems like a polite and nice person

    John wickJohn wick3 maanden geleden
  • The pauses when he speaks really makes this even better

    gargett 7305gargett 73053 maanden geleden
  • Seems to be the norm with dutchmen, there is also a dutch football player who reacts just like him with journalists

    Admin AdminsAdmin Admins3 maanden geleden
    • Dutch people are generally pretty sober, blunt and honest, so that could be it

      MauritsMaurits3 maanden geleden
  • Only Ubereem could call Brock a regular guy and it would make sense

    Muhammad AwaisMuhammad Awais3 maanden geleden
  • When you've had so much Horse meat, Brock Lesnar seems regular

    SukhhSukhh3 maanden geleden
  • His interviews are like kimi Raikkonen interviews.

    Razz ausRazz aus3 maanden geleden
  • Such a nice guy

    MzyxplxMzyxplx3 maanden geleden
  • If I ever had a son, I would name him Alistair.

    Catherine MyersCatherine Myers3 maanden geleden
  • He is just a dumb juicer. Thats all he got. No words left in his portfolio.

    M. El.M. El.3 maanden geleden
    • @S U R V I V E Yes, when he was on his prime of juicing.

      M. El.M. El.3 maanden geleden
    • He was a K1 champion tho

      S U R V I V ES U R V I V E3 maanden geleden
  • I mean to be fair, when you look like Overeem you don't really have to say a lot of words

    Lucas BondLucas Bond3 maanden geleden
  • Cow beer, horse beef, fish beef...... fast fast metabolism

    CnhnCnhn3 maanden geleden
  • Brock Lesnar: A regular guy.

    I'm a moron, alsoI'm a moron, also3 maanden geleden
  • when a simple sort answer is all he needs to do then good on him

    Joseph McewanJoseph Mcewan3 maanden geleden
  • Uhhh...I'm feeling good

    SØMBRË_987SØMBRË_9873 maanden geleden
  • “I clearly felt a tap”

    AjAj3 maanden geleden
  • The dramatic music then abrupt stoppage was a nice touch

    Bic MitchumBic Mitchum3 maanden geleden
  • This is the funniest one

    \123jd\123jd4 maanden geleden
  • I clearly felt a tap

    Darryl ErciaaDarryl Erciaa4 maanden geleden
  • Alistair looks like Paulo Costa made a child with Big Chungus

    Mario AngeloskiMario Angeloski4 maanden geleden
  • He has the personality of an ice sandwich

    JoeJoe4 maanden geleden
  • “No, no, no-no”

    RT SoloRT Solo4 maanden geleden
  • I don’t know man

    DragonCDG OiDragonCDG Oi4 maanden geleden
  • The losses that tarnish his record are, Bigfoot, Ben Rothwell and Travis Browne (Velasquez' bitch, the one who almost got kod by OSP and Derrick Lewis bitch, even tough he disrespected his wife). Every other loss is understandable, I mean he was winning against Bigi Boy and no shame in loosing to Ngannou who has beaten everyone in front of him and if that uppercut connected on anyone else on the roster, it would be the same result or worse. Overeem is a future Hall Of Famer, who has destroyed everyone in devastating fashion.

    Pedro Pablo González RamosPedro Pablo González Ramos4 maanden geleden
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to have fans to make type of guy jokes on other mma fighter videos

    KanyeWest2020KanyeWest20204 maanden geleden
  • I like it. It comes out more genuine than chatty fighters

    Peter DPeter D4 maanden geleden
  • He's the last of a legendary era and is still fighting killers and is super likeable

    MoshJunkie426MoshJunkie4264 maanden geleden
  • Overeem is lowkey super rich, why he's still fighting???

    lolla paloozalolla palooza4 maanden geleden
  • The motivational music makes this video 100 times better 😂

    Yatharth KapoorYatharth Kapoor4 maanden geleden
  • Erling Haaland and Overeem 1/1

    SvetkoSvetko4 maanden geleden
  • longest sentence by ubereem: I clearly felt a tap

    B DB D4 maanden geleden
  • Inspiring

    DufusDufus4 maanden geleden
  • A conversation between this guy and Tony Ferguson would be like an unstoppable force vs an immovable object.

    Gelato556Gelato5565 maanden geleden
  • He reminds me of European footballers, he says just about enough to end the interview as quickly as possible.

    Najib RahmanNajib Rahman5 maanden geleden
    • Well he’s from Holland so yeah

      That GuyThat Guy7 uur geleden
    • The NHL also fits into that category

      J KJ K2 dagen geleden
  • Erling Haaland of mma.

    Dym23Dym235 maanden geleden
  • The one on brock lost me,

    Sufiyaan MSufiyaan M5 maanden geleden
  • mr. steriods

    Vincent ReynosoVincent Reynoso5 maanden geleden
  • Overeem could have been a model or even still can no homo

    yimu rkuyimu rku5 maanden geleden
  • 1:44 is hilarious

    IruBiinIIruBiinI5 maanden geleden
  • He doesn't need to talk he has the best management in UFC history dude makes 1m a right guaranteed win or lose

    Aaron AustinAaron Austin5 maanden geleden
  • Life goals to not give a shit to that level lol

    Anton WeretaAnton Wereta5 maanden geleden
  • The music makes it so much better.

    Vince B.836Vince B.8365 maanden geleden
  • This is amazing 😂😂😂🤣

    DOW777DOW7775 maanden geleden
  • Im Sure he cleary Felt the Tap.

    L Gigo44L Gigo445 maanden geleden
  • “How are you doing this at 40” Steroids

    Graan ManelyGraan Manely6 maanden geleden
  • Woman: oh god someone help my friend is choking Alistar: oh ok

    Suneel KempSuneel Kemp6 maanden geleden
  • Thats how my fellow countrymen are, very blunt

    Mohammed T.Mohammed T.6 maanden geleden
  • One of my best fighters in this generation. This man has dedicated his entire life to fighting. Thank you Sir. But you have to retire soon. Will all due respect. I love you obheereeemmmm

    Mario BallotelliMario Ballotelli6 maanden geleden
    • As a fan I want see him being champion, with that title, for me he would be the goat

      Cristian BerbesiCristian Berbesi3 maanden geleden
  • Holland

    Johny BlitzJohny Blitz6 maanden geleden
  • Lekker Nederlands, (typical dutch) best man, ja prima. Goed gap. XD

    SnoekSnoek6 maanden geleden
  • you guys should subscribe, so that you're not a beta simp

    HORN DOGHORN DOG6 maanden geleden
  • "Alistair Overeem the soldier of steroids" - Not Michael Bisping

    Jack JonesJack Jones6 maanden geleden
  • Because he's sexy and he knows it

    Ab SAb S6 maanden geleden
  • He's so cute!!!

    S MS M6 maanden geleden
    • Scary and cute

      Mixed YTMixed YT3 maanden geleden
  • Horse beef, cow beef, fish beef.. Before I sleep I eat

    CheetahZCheetahZ6 maanden geleden
  • Beeeeeeef

    Sarthak BiswasSarthak Biswas6 maanden geleden
  • Roids or not he is a legend of the sport like it or not

    Lance 'Ryder' WilsonLance 'Ryder' Wilson6 maanden geleden
  • *Overeem consoling Walt Harris right after his win*:’re a tough guy 👍🏼

    Naji Al-Hadban, IG: nyhadban97Naji Al-Hadban, IG: nyhadban976 maanden geleden
  • The Man

    Alper TopuzAlper Topuz6 maanden geleden
  • Not as bad as uncle tito atleast...

    Roman zRoman z6 maanden geleden
  • i was live and i clearly heard a crack

    Leon VogelLeon Vogel6 maanden geleden
  • Thank you very much, thats it.

    matriXmatriX6 maanden geleden
  • Keep that outro.😂

    6OLD6OLD6 maanden geleden
  • This is a dutch thing lmao most dutch people are like that its called normaal doen

    King DresKing Dres6 maanden geleden
    • Georgin yes brother all the fighters almost

      King DresKing Dres6 maanden geleden
    • Mousasi is like that too

      GeorginGeorgin6 maanden geleden
  • No I see why overeem wasn’t as big as he could’ve been he shoots himself in the foot every time he talks 😂😂😂😂

    Poppa PlacidPenisPoppa PlacidPenis6 maanden geleden
  • Alistair "I don't know man" Overeem

    shubham tamseshubham tamse6 maanden geleden

    D DD D6 maanden geleden
  • Pride

    Ali AAli A6 maanden geleden
  • I clearly felt a tap

    Pickled PeckersPickled Peckers6 maanden geleden